Mini Capsule Mum-Wardrobe

First off – this is by no means only for you if you’re a Mum. I just called it that because it’s my ‘mum style’.

What is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? The idea is that instead of having many many items in your wardrobe that a. don’t all go together or b. you just don’t wear very often… you have a smaller amount of items that all go together, you love, and together they make loads of different outfits. From what I have read – a capsule wardrobe will usually consist of approx 30-40 items, that’s including shoes. You can read more about a full capsule wardrobe here.

I have put together my own mini version of a capsule wardrobe, consisting of 15 items from The Warehouse. 2 pants, 1 skirt, 1 jacket, 2 jerseys, 2 shoes, 4 tops, 1 dress, 1 beanie, 1 scarf. I went with a colour scheme of black, grey, white, blush pink and khaki. These colours work beautifully together so it makes it super easy to throw together some easy outfits.


These are the items I picked out. Basically how it works is… 1 pair of pants with 4 different tops = 4 outfits. Different pair of pants with same 4 tops = 4 more outfits = 8 outfits total. Get my gist? Below is a collection of photos showing how I have put together some of the items, and how I would wear them on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been in Auckland for 2 weeks now and these are the only clothes I packed to bring with me, and I definitely haven’t felt like I’ve been lacking in outfit options – it’s been fun mixing and matching these items to make new looks! My favourite items out of the lot are definitely the pants – they’re a super stretchy skinny style cargo pant and I got them in both colours (a washed black look denim and khaki), both of which I have been alternating living in since I got them! They’re high waisted (good for hiding that Mum-tum) and super flattering.

This blog was so much fun to put together! My beautiful friend Vanessa from We Are The Watsons came shopping with me, and my #sisterwife Erana from The Culture of Grace took the beautiful photos for me – I’m pretty lucky to have such awesome friends! And of course a huge thank you to The Warehouse for working with me on this content! I hope you all like it as much as I do!

J x


Keeping warm with Woolbabe


We’ve been Woolbabe users since Brooklyn (now 4) was a baby. A friend gifted us a 3 Seasons Woolbabe sleeping bag and then I went on to purchase a Duvet Weight one as I loved them so much. Not having to worry about them staying under the blankets was obviously a big one, Brooklyn didn’t start doing that regularly until around 2 1/2 years old – so knowing he would be kept warm all night was a great relief for me. Also the fact that they’re merino – the best fabric for keeping your babes warm and it’s not going to make them sweaty like a synthetic fabric would.

We have since been gifted another two Woolbabe sleeping bags for Marlo, and in return I’m doing this post to tell you my thoughts on them. I chose the colour ‘Pebble’ because it’s gender neutral, and ya never know… there may be another Whittaker babe one day, so I’m thinking practically 😛 I chose a front zip Duvet Weight sleeping bag, and a side zip 3 Seasons. As we had only owned front zip ones before, I wanted to try the side zip for comparison purposes. Marlo is 20 months, however is wearing size 2 clothing, so based on Woolbabe sizing recommendations I went for the size 2-4 years so that we can get the most use out of them. They recommend that before buying the size 2-4 year bags, the child is wearing size 2 clothing and/or weighs over 12kg. 


3 Seasons weight is suitable for 18-20 degrees & up to 30 degrees. We are in the South Island and currently use the 3 Seasons for day naps where is keeps her nice and snuggly on cooler days, but not overheating either on warmer days. It is a light weight feeling merino/cotton blend that is super easy for them to wriggle around in, to get comfy and doze off. I actually love the side zip, I find it easiest to zip up and down (over the front zip). Marlo stands up in her cot when she wakes up and we have had no problems with the domes popping, which I am glad about as I had read mixed reviews on the shoulder domes popping open. The 3 Seasons weight is a great overall weight for people that only want one sleeping bag.


Duvet weight is suitable for 18-20 degrees & under, down to approx 12 degrees. We currently use this overnight for Marlo, but more into winter this will be her full time sleeping bag for all sleeps. We will also have a wall panel heater on in her bedroom as it can get into the minus’ overnight here, brrrrr! The Duvet weight is super cosy looking, it literally looks like a duvet! It’s quilted with organic cotton lining and a plush filling of 100% merino, super snuggly – they need to do adult versions! The pro of the front zip on this one (though it comes in side zip too!) is that it doesn’t have shoulder domes, so one less thing for your babe to muck around with, if they’re the kind of kid that likes stripping off at bedtime! 

I like that the Woolbabe sleeping bags are super easy to care for – they don’t need washing all that often, just air them out by hanging over the side of the cot in between uses. If need be I even tumble dry ours on a low setting, but that’s a positive of having more than one – you don’t need to rush with washing!

I’ve been lucky enough to get given a DISCOUNT CODE for you to use when purchasing your own Woolbabe! Use code ‘WITHTHEWHITTAKERS’ to get a huge 30% off any full priced Woolbabe sleeping bag, purchased HERE. And I have a giveaway running over on Facebook so head over to enter that! Discount code is valid from today (Wednesday 26th April) and expires this Sunday (30th April). Note: it is 30% OFF a FULL priced Woolbabe and can’t be used with any other coupons or free gift.

Thanks Woolbabe for keeping my baby girl snuggly and warm in bed!

J x


‘Trick the kids’ meatballs – making 500g of mince go 2 meals 

Meatballs packed with hidden veges, my kids devoured these and Brooklyn (4 y/o semi fussy eater) went back to two extra meatballs! Win!


Serves 2 adults + 2 kids + 1 adult serving of leftovers 




  • 1 can of tomatoes blitzed (if your kids don’t mint tomato chunks don’t worry about blitzing)
  • 1 tablespoon Pepper & me Mo’rocckin paste
  • 100mls coconut cream
  • Pepper & Me Man grind to taste


  1. Grate all the veg (I do mine in my food processor).
  2. Add to 500g mince and mix well.
  3. Take half of the mince + veg mixture and put into a container/covered bowl in the fridge for tomorrow night.
  4. To the remaining half add egg, breadcrumbs, paste and grind – mix well then roll into balls. I use a cookie/ice cream scoop to keep them even.
  5. Fry in oil until browned all over, then add all sauce ingredients and cover. Leave to simmer until meatballs are cooked through. If the sauce is getting too thick add some water to thin down.
  6. We served on couscous (I added Pepper & Me man rub to the water rather than using stock).

The next night we use the mince + veg for Spaghetti Bolognese –  just add some tinned tomatoes and anything else you like to add to your bolognese and serve on spaghetti pasta 👌🏼


A family holiday was on our ‘must do before Marlo turns two’ list (so that we didn’t have to pay for her full price flights), we had been discussing destinations – the usual Fiji, Rarotonga were the top contenders as they seemed the most popular. But then… in December last year, some flights came up through Nare’s work (he’s in the Air Force) at a largely discounted rate, to New Caledonia. He text me the details and I replied almost instantly “Lets do it!”. It was for February, so a bit sooner than our planned May holiday, but it was too much of a great opportunity to pass up!

I had a look online at some different accomodations and found it all a bit overwhelming to be honest. So I emailed the one travel agent I know, well I ‘know’ online haha. Hannah runs a super cute online kids boutique ‘McGoober Boutique‘, but I knew that she was a travel agent by day… so I enlisted her for some help! Hannah works for Travel Smart, Porirua – so we aren’t in the same town, and everything was done via email and/or phone call… but it was super stress free! Hannah gave us a few different options for accomodation in different price ranges, and once we chose one she went ahead and booked that along with our transfers to and from our apartment. Basically she did all of the hard work for us, which was great because my French isn’t all that amazing 😉

I snapchatted a lot of our holiday (well as much as you can with limited internet) and had loads of questions asking how we found it, what we thought of New Caledonia, etc. So I’ve put all of our thoughts into a blog post for anyone that is interested…

This was the first major culture shock for me (Nare not so much as he’s travelled a lot), as I have only been to English speaking countries before. French is the main language used in New Caledonia and I’m not even kidding you – all I knew how to say was “Bonjour” and “Merci”, I would advise learning even a tiny bit of French before going haha! New Caledonia isn’t a huge tourist destination, other than cruise ships – and we found not many locals and people working in shops/restaurants, spoke more than a few words of English. It was hard! I pretty much just let Nare do all the talking – lets be honest! Everything from finding a taxi, asking which bus to catch – heck even doing groceries was hard because EVERYTHING was in French!

We flew into Tontouta but stayed in Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia. Our hotel ‘Casa Del Sole’ was approximately 10 minutes by taxi/shuttle from Noumea city centre and was located smack bang in between two of the most stunning beaches. A less than 5 minute walk to Baie Des Citrons (Lemon Bay) on one side – which was a beautiful bay, perfect for kids and across the road from a bunch of shops and restaurants. Off to the other side (only a 5 minute walk) was Anse Vata Bay – less hustle and bustle being away from the shops and super picturesque – though not as sheltered so once the wind picked up, a few days into our stay – we didn’t go back there as it was too rough for the kids to swim in (loads of kite surfers on these days and you can hire them too!).

Baie Des Citrons

Baie Des Citrons

Anse Vata

Anse Vata

We were on the 14th floor at Casa Del Sole and our view was amazing. Hannah booked us a 2 bedroom apartment – 1 bedroom with a king bed and 1 with two singles, a decent size living area, kitchen and balcony. The apartments were tidy and clean and we would 100% stay there again. The location was too perfect! The internet wasn’t very fast all the way up there, but I still managed to upload snapchats and photos to social media… it was approx $24NZD for the week. The motel had a pool which we used multiple times, and had a wee shop at ground floor which you could purchase fresh bread and croissants from each morning (which we did), and other ‘four square/dairy’ type items. Casa Del Sole was really reasonably priced (we thought) and was around $2000NZD for 9 nights.


We knew that we wanted an apartment with a kitchen so that we were able to save money on food and cook some meals ourselves, so that was something we told Hannah from the get go. We went to the supermarket at the start of our holiday and again around the half way point (a $10 round trip via taxi, or bus which is only a couple of dollars). We got snack foods for during the day, sandwich fillings, bread for toast in the mornings and then ingredients for some slap together dinners. We aimed to cook a dinner every second night, eat out the others, and have breakfast and lunches at the apartment – we did pretty well at sticking to that! Each morning we would go downstairs and buy a baguette for approx $1NZD and use that for our sandwiches at lunchtime.

Eating out isn’t overly cheap there, we mostly ate at a bar which sold yummy pizzas (and had some staff that spoke a bit of English) and a place called Quick that was basically like Burger King haha! The kids loved it because it had a huge playground. Pizza + a couple of drinks cost approx $25NZD and similar price for our dinner at Quick also. Gelato is a must try too!


Prior to our holiday I’d done a bit of research, written down things we could go to, places to explore… and in the end we had so much fun relaxing at the beach, swimming in the pool, having naps, eating (LOTS of eating) – that we only did ONE thing on my list! haha! That was hitting the aquarium. It was less than 5 min walk from our apartment and the kids loved it. We managed to kill a good hour there and the kids thought all the fish and turtles were the coolest ever! It’s no Kelly Tarltons by any means, but definitely cool to check out if you have kiddies. Other than that, we literally spent most days at the beach, back to the apartment for nap time + food, back to the beach, repeat, repeat, repeat. We did bus into the city centre one day ,but it wasn’t overly thrilling to be honest. It’s cool to have a look if you’ve never been there – but where we stayed was much nicer (and cleaner) than the city.

Though if you’re into hikes and adventures, there is plenty of that to do! Just not something we looked into personally.


First off on my must have list is 100% our Mutsy Nexo, from our friends at Global Baby. HIGHLY RECOMMEND (proper review coming soon on this). It’s a super light weight stroller that folds down really compact (would fit in an overhead compartment on an international flight!!) and was an absolute life saver! Marlo cruised in it 90% of the trip, to and from the beach constantly and on the odd occasion when Brooklyn got tired of walking – he would jump in and one of us would carry Marlo. It reclines totally flat which meant Marlo could comfortably nap on the go if we were out at nap time. It has a decent sized storage basket underneath which meant we never even had to carry a bag with us – we just chucked all our belongings under there and were good to go! It came on the bus with us too! I took our Mountain Buggy Juno with us also – but we only used it a couple of times because it was just too hot for baby wearing.


We took with us our Banana Boat sunscreen duo and almost used a whole bottle of the lotion! We would apply the lotion first thing in the morning (to both us and the kids), and then use the clear spray throughout the day as a top up. Super easy to use while out and about etc. Highly recommend taking your own favourite sunscreen so that you don’t have to try and track some down when you arrive, and then not be able to read the ingredients because they’re in French 😉

The kid’s Haakaa stainless steel thermal drink bottles were also absolute life savers while we were there! With it being so hot, it was nice to know we could fill them with ice cold water, and know they would stay cold the whole time we were out. Nare and I were jealous that our water kept going warm while they had nice cold water haha!

Before we left I purchased two Yumbox lunchboxes for the kids from Global Baby – thinking they would be perfect for day trips for lunches for the kids. But as you’ve read above, we barely went on any ‘day trips’ because of the perfect location of our apartment. So they barely got used while we were in Noumea. BUT they WERE amazing for on the flights! They are an awesome slim line, bento style lunch box and I can easily fit two side by side along with their drink bottles, in my bag. Perfect for both flights and I’ve been using them both lots since we got home.



You will find some of our must haves in a giveaway running at the moment over at Travelsmart Porirua so make sure you enter!

Absolutely YES! Though we were there for a decent stay (9 nights), we were super gutted to be leaving and wished we could stay for longer. It was a such an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, even with a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Given the opportunity again, we would definitely go back! We can finally tick ‘First family holiday’ off the list! Yay!

J x

Making family holidays a priority – With The Whittakers

After returning from our first family holiday recently, actually – make that first ever overseas holiday since Nare and I have been together… I realised that it’s something I want to do more often (read ‘more than once every 5 years!’). However – we are just your average one income family that pays a mortgage, so flitting off on an overseas holiday once a year (though sounds amazing) isn’t something we can afford to do. Yes we can save, but like lots of other families – there isn’t actually that much extra money each week, to put into savings!

I’ve been thinking about other ways that we can save some money to go towards holidays, and when I was introduced to the new Flight Centre MasterCard – I thought it was a great initiative for families like us. Now before you think ‘nooooo not a credit card Jordan!’… yes it is a credit card. And yes I feel credit cards get a bit of a bad wrap because they scream “DEBT!”. However if used in the right way I believe they can be super beneficial.

Let me explain…

For every NZ $100 you spend on your Flight Centre MasterCard – you get 1 Flight Centre Reward. When redeemed, this equates to $1 to spend on your travel. It may not seem like a lot, but it is something that you wouldn’t have had otherwise – so it actually seems silly not to do it!

I’m talking everyday purchases here… $200 of groceries = $2 towards a holiday! If you spent $200 a week on groceries, that’s a 104 Flight Centre Rewards ($104) in 1 year – and that’s just groceries! Think of all the online shopping purchases you do (well… I do), that you and I could be racking up rewards for to go towards your next family holiday. Petrol, phone bill, internet bill – the list of everyday purchases goes on (that adult life!)

I’m also not talking about getting yourself into mountain loads of debt, I’m more meaning using the Flight Centre MasterCard for everyday purchases – which you pay off regularly. Whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The Whittakers are going to be giving this a go and seeing if we can gather up some rewards to spend on our next family holiday… where to next?

J x

To the men in our lives: what to do when we cry…



  1. Ask if we are okay. We are aware it’s very much obvious that we’re not okay. But ask anyway. This gives us the opportunity to word vomit all over you about why we’re upset, who upset us, why we feel this way… even if you don’t really want to listen just nod and say “it’s okay” or “that sucks” every so often. Even if it’s not okay and it doesn’t even suck, again – we’re aware of this but it makes it sound like you care, so just roll with it.
  2. Hug us. This needs to pretty much come immediately after point 1, 90% of the time it might even need to be at the same time. We’re 0.9767 seconds away from bursting into a full blown Kim K ugly cry now, and the last thing we want is for that to happen while you’re staring us in the eye. We know – it ain’t pretty! So be quick and get in there with the hug, then we can ugly cry into your shoulder instead. Don’t worry –  we’ll wash the mascara stains out of your shirt later.
  3. Get us a treat. Chocolate, ice cream, hot drink, Lift Plus… whatever floats your gals boat – get it. ASAP. (Note: not YOUR idea of a treat either AKA “lets go to bed babe”. Don’t even think about suggesting that right now). The ugly cry is over but that doesn’t mean we’re not still dwelling on all the things we word vomited in point 2 and our head is still a foggy mess of emotions. Bonus points if we have kids and you take them out for even just half an hour, to give us a moment to breathe.
  4. The next day… The next day reassure us that you were semi listening to our emotional word vomit the day prior, a quick “Hope you have a better day today” or maybe leave a note on the bench if you leave early – don’t wake us up to say that. It’s cute, but not THAT cute.
  5. Not quite out of the woods. When you get home from work that evening (day after meltdown), ask us how our day was. I’m warning you though, this could go one of two ways. Either you will be back at point 2 very quickly… OR you will be thankfully greeted with “Better, thanks for caring babe! Lets have sex tonight.” Good luck if it goes the first way!Happy wife, happy life – am I right?

    J x

Summer Hack – How to make it ONE WEEK without washing your hair.

Whenever I mention how long I go in between hair washes, I get inundated with shocked face emojis and questions on how I do it. So thought I would do ONE WEEK worth of photos and hair styles, showing what products and tools I use to keep my hair looking good (or ‘presentable’) over that time. I actually go more like TWO weeks between washes, however I know that is a bit extreme for most, so I thought ONE week is a bit more achievable. So I’ve condensed down what I would do across the two weeks, into one.

Before we get to the hair styles… a quick word on hydration. Hydration is not only super important for your body, but also for your hair. If your hair follicles lack water, your hair may become dry or brittle… this can slow down and even stop the growth of your hair. So it’s super important to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated helps in retaining the natural beauty of your hair and helps it grow thick and long. I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect, and drink my recommended intake of water every single day, but I do try my best! This summer I’ve been having OVI Hydration drinks most days. They’re a delicious infusion of water, fruit juice, honey and natural minerals with antioxidants from green tea, designed to keep you hydrated.

My headaches have been noticeably less and I’ve enjoyed the different flavours, encouraging me to drink.

WASH: I don’t use a lot of products in my hair. Just a good purple shampoo from my hairdresser and then cheap supermarket shampoo + conditioner. I don’t find purple shampoos to do a great job at giving my hair a really good wash (and after two weeks – it needs it!), so I purely use that for the toning factor and use the other shampoo for a real wash (before the purple shampoo). I wash my hair in the shower at night and leave to dry naturally while I sleep.


DAY 1: I always do an initial straighten, straight after washing my hair – because I don’t love my natural hair. It’s quite fluffy, curly and unruly. If I’m in a hurry I use my Hairstyla which takes all of 5 minutes. If I have extra time I use my GHD for a dead straight look. I try to remember to use heat protectant spray, because apparently you should 😉

DAY 2: No products today. We’re trying to make it to a week remember, so don’t whip out the dry shampoo yet! Give your roots a ruffle up and whip your hair up into a bun or pony tail (I’m a mum-bun gal but have done a pony to show you, or you might get sick of my mum-buns!) if you don’t want to have another down straight day. If your hair is looking/feeling a bit oily you could tease some of the roots so that it doesn’t look too slicked back when you tie it up. Pulling a few shorter strands of hair out around your face is nice too, if you like that kind of look.

DAY 3: Alright, first day of dry shampoo! My holy grail product! Give it a decent spray all over your roots and then use your fingers to massage it in (or you’ll look grey). Now, lets not waste the dry shampoo by tying our hair up… grab your straightener or curling wand and put some curls in the ends of your hair. Messy curls are “in” so don’t worry if they’re uneven, you can even give it a brush through to really loosen them up. You could use hairspray on the ends if your hair doesn’t hold curls well.

DAY 4: I know by now you probably REALLY want to wash your hair, or wear it up… but we’re going to try another day down. Even if you only last till lunch time – thats cool. Are you noticing a pattern here? Down, up, down, up… You’ll likely still have some messy curls from the day before, so give them a ruffle up and you’re good to go. You could try changing your part for a different look. No products today!

DAY 5: Alright, you can breathe a sigh of relief – it’s mum-bun from here on in! Go hard on the dry shampoo today, because none tomorrow! You can pony tail it, or bun – whatever floats ya boat.

Day 6: For me – today is mum-bun take 2, no extra dry shampoo today… ya’ll have seen those memes right? The 90% dry shampoo ones? I ALWAYS get tagged in them, and now you know why!
If you’re not a huge bun gal, you could do a pony tail on bun days – you could also change it up by putting your pony into a plait! I’ve done that here to show you an example.

Day 7: Do whatever hairstyle you like to get you through this last day! If you wash your hair in the morning – bonus! You’re done! But if you’re like me and wash in the evening, then you have one more day of mum-bun. I won’t blame you if you use a tiiiiiiny bit more dry shampoo 😉  

  • I do understand that everyone’s hair is different. What works for me may not work for you. I know plenty of people that wash their hair everyday in fact! Here’s a few tips if you’re a regular hair washer and would like to stretch it out a little:
  • If you don’t already own it, and haven’t figured out from this post so far that you NEED to own it… then this is me telling you to GO AND BUY SOME DRY SHAMPOO!
  • Try not to touch your hair too much, that brings out the natural oils in your hair faster than necessary – so keep your mitts off your head!
  • If you wash your hair everyday, start small. Start stretching it to every second, then every third. Jumping straight to once a week may make you feel like you can never leave the house 😉
  • If you’re not a huge hair down person, no big deal -tie it up! But don’t go up down up down all day long. That’s extra touching – and same as the first tip, will make your hair oilier than you want it.
  • Buy yourself a shower cap. The extra moisture from the shower gets all on your hair on non-wash days, which can make the straighten/curls not last as well. So keeping your hair bone dry is a goodie!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog! I’ve been recently researching the whole ‘no poo’ thang and I’m eager to do it – maybe that’ll be my next hair related blog post!

Thanks OVI Hydration for sponsoring this post and for keeping me hydrated this summer!

J x

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Mum uniform pants for every budget

Disclaimer: No you do not have to be a Mum to wear these pants, heck you can be a male and wear these pants if it floats ya boat.

I call them ‘Mum uniform’ because, well… we have those days where we 1. Don’t fit our jeans or 2. Just don’t want to wear jeans all day. But we also know we have to leave the house at some stage, so those ugly ‘never be seen by the public’ trackies aint gonna cut it! ‘Mum uniform’ pants don’t dig into the extra loving we have on our hips, or cling to the extra sagging of that mum bootay that grew 10 times the size in pregnancy. They’re perfect really. So say hello to the ‘mum uniform’ 😉 Paired with whatever top you like, jandals/chucks, mum bun and you’re ready to rock!

I’m a huge fan of these comfy harem style pants and I often get asked where my faves are from. So along with telling you where mine are from, I’ve put together a list of others in all different price ranges – I’m sure you’ll find some that are in your budget! Though I can’t comment on the quality of all of these as I don’t own a pair from every store, the ones that I DO own – I will add my thoughts on how they fit and wear 🙂

Love Knot War – Floral Fade Slouch Pants + Dawn Til Dusk Slouch Pants – $149.00. Sizes 6-16.  These are beautifully made, super comfy, have the perfect thick waist band and the elastic is sewn in so that it doesn’t twist about, nice big pockets and wash up like new. (I have the floral fade)


Madame Goblin – Madame Basic Pant + Madame Super Stripe Pant – $99. Sizes XS-L.


Bam + Boo – MumMe Duffle Pants -$69.95. Sizes S-L. These are made from a beautifully soft organic cotton, super light weight and can be worn either down to the ankle or you can pull the ankle up a bit so they’re shorter (as shown in pic).



Pagan Marie – Kombie Pant – $55. Sizes 6-16.


The Warehouse – Jersey Harem Pant – $20.00. Sizes 8-16.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.42.57 PM.png

Maybe this is the start of a new ‘Mum uniform’ series 😉

J x


Separation Anxiety… not just for the kids. 

Ok here goes, I’ve just opened up about this on Snapchat and had a heap of replies from people in the same boat – which has made me feel a whole lot better and not so much like an egg. Saying it out loud to a friend last night and then again on snapchat, I felt super lame… but I’m going to write it out here so that others know they’re not a weirdo – it’s actually pretty common. Or we’re both weirdos 😉

So here’s how it goes… we book in a date night eg last night for our wedding anniversary. I am super excited about it all day and leaving for it… then I get out and start feeling ill. Like I could vomit. I can stomach liquids but can’t stomach my meal. Most times I order food thinking ‘Jordan get over yourself and just eat the food’ but I take a few measly mouthfuls then call it a night. This happens every time. Every time we go out without the kids, every time I’ve ever gone away overnight (okay it’s only been like three times every – but every time I’ve got sick). Nare’s words ‘You’re as attached to the kids as they are to you’. Yes that sounds uber lame. But it’s true… I have separation anxiety just like they do. 

It’s not because I’m worried about who I’ve left them with either, I only ever leave them with friends or family that I 100% trust and feel comfortably if the kids would wake. I just come up with all these crazy scenarios… what if there’s another big earthquake, what if we had a car crash and the kids lost us both, what if there was a fire. I know it’s silly but I literally can not shut off from those thoughts!  

I’ve spoken about my anxiety around the earthquakes before, but it’s obviously so much more than that and has been around for longer… but I’ve never admitted it. I’ve never said ‘I have anxiety’.  I suppose I didn’t believe I did and it always sounded so silly telling people about how leaving my kids makes me physically ill. 

I’m just opening up about it in hope that it can even make one person feel a little less like crazy 💘

 I’m always here to talk if anyone needs to chat 💕

J x