Oh hey there!

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while now, but with the juggling act of figuring out life with an almost 3 year old and a newborn… time escaped me. As you’d expect! But here we are, my first blog post. Hopefully first of many, because lets be honest – life as a stay at home Mum can be a tad isolating so I need to get my 1000 words out somewhere!

You’ve probably popped over from Instagram so you may or may not know a bit about us, but I’ll give you a quick sum up anyway. We are the Whittakers… I’m Jordan, I turn 24 on 27th December. I married my husband, Nare (his name is actually Henry), in February this year. Jayden is my step-Son, Brooklyn is our almost 3 year old son, and Marlo is our most recent arrival – our 2.5 month old baby girl. My husband is in the Royal New Zealand Air Force and we are currently living in the beautiful Blenheim, NZ.

Jordan & Nare (462).jpg

Photo credit: Bespoke Photography, Taupo, NZ


Marlo & Brooklyn 4/12/15

I’m a qualified Graphic Designer and before having Marlo, that was my part time gig around keeping the toddler alive. I love having a creative outlet and it worked really well, being able to work in the evenings once Brooklyn was asleep or whilst he was napping. Marlo is now 2.5 months old and I’m trying (emphasis on that word) to get back into some small design jobs. But to be honest – I’m woken up 2-3 times a night and most nights I’d rather sit on my bum and eat chocolate than attempt to stare at a computer and convince my brain to get creative! But I’ll get there…

In the mean time, Instagram is my creative outlet. I love being able to share things that I’ve found/purchased, outfits of the kid’s (mostly Marlo’s… Brooklyn doesn’t stay still for photos these days), basically spamming you all with our life in photos. And of course I love following others too. I’ve ‘met’ (haha, not actually in real life!) heaps of awesome people through the world of squares!

So yeah! That’s us/me. Hope that wasn’t too boring! I plan to use this blog as a place for reviews, maybe even some interviews, just general life banter really. I’ll try and get my husband to grammar check my posts, I didn’t pass English in high school so it’s not my area of talent. Haha! But feel free to tell me if I’m annoying you with constantly spelling a word wrong, promise I won’t be offended 😉

J x

10 thoughts on “Oh hey there!

  1. JAFFABITES says:

    You have a cool little blog going! Keep it up. Are you part of the Twitter community for NZ Bloggers? Come join us if you’re not. I must admit I stopped by via Instagram because I like the name of ‘With the Whittakers’ and the fact my surname is the same, but spelt different lol welcome to the world of blogging!


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