I’ve seen so many ‘shop small’, ‘shop local’ graphics floating around Facebook and Instagram this year, and I think it’s great! And while I understand that ‘shopping small’ isn’t always in everyones budget, even just choosing one local store/website to buy some goodies from this Christmas will be a big help to them – I’m sure of it!

So I thought I would share some of our fave NZ websites where I’ve bought presents from this year, because hello – I live in Blenheim and there are basically no shops here, so online is where it’s at.

Love From Seventeen – Kylie is closed now until the new year but you can pop over to her Facebook page to see all the amazing laser cut bamboo creations. You can keep her in mind for presents next year!


Little Whimsy – I got those awesome felt masks from here (only $7! Awesome stocking filler!) and the jelly bag is from there too. Heaps of cool things in every price range.

And They Lived Green – It’s not news that we love Replay Recycled divided plates, And They Lived Green is a NZ stockist for these and other cool ‘green’ brands. I got a couple of the spill proof cups for stocking stuffers. Pssst – they also now have a flat plate (no sections) in the Replay range, we have one and we’re loving it.

Pop Roc Parties
–  Julie is always my go-to for parties/celebrations, she’s full of cool ideas and her website is even more full of amazing party supplies. I got some Meri Meri christmas plates and matching cups for the table on Christmas Day. I also got a bunch of supplies for Brooklyn’s little party that he’s having on his birthday in a couple of weeks – a ‘Minimal Minion’ theme AKA yellow… with no minions at all. haha! I kid… there may be a minion or two. But seriously, I’ll just say it now – licensed things and I are not friends. Unless they’re pyjamas, I will make an exception for those. Okay back to the shopping…


Finndieloo – A bit of a keepsake/sentimental present this one, a plunket/well child book cover so that we don’t have to look at the ugly cover that it comes with. Now if I can find Brooklyn’s book, I can get him one too. Oops!

Of course there are a zillion more websites that I would love to have shopped at, but I’ve tried to not go too crazy with presents this year.  I will however, do another post after Christmas to share some of the places that my Mum shopped at for the kids. Granny is on Instagram too so finds all the cool stuff! She even showed me up the other day when I said I hadn’t seen the new Baby Wilson hi-tops with “Oh they put a sneak peek on Instagram this morning”. Shame on me, I hadn’t even seen it yet! P.s they’re flippin’ adorable and Global Baby has them in stock 😉

Apologies in advance if your bank accounts take a wee hit after this post!

J x


2 thoughts on “SHOP SMALL – SHOP LOCAL

  1. eranapound says:

    Ohhhh yes to the licensed things. I’m still sulking at the time Ivy conned me into buying frozen leggings when I had a migraine in the warehouse and wanted to get out of there hahaha


  2. poundsintransit says:

    I still remember the time Ivy conned me into buying Frozen leggings at the warehouse when I had a migraine and wanted to leave ASAP! hahaha


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