Adjusting to being a Mum of two wasn’t as hard as I expected, to be totally honest. I don’t know whether that’s an age gap thing, or what. But we got into our groove pretty quickly. I’ll say it now though… we do have our days. Some days Nare doesn’t even make it in the door before I’m all dramatic with my “shoot me now” statement and throwing him a baby while the toddler hangs around his legs. I’m sure you can envision that now. I’m usually still in my pyjamas on these kinds of days too, looking quite the hot mess.

Things that I’ve learnt so far…

IPAD’S ARE YOUR FRIEND: Despite all the ‘no screen time’ blah de blah you see around the place, I promise you now… iPads/iPhones/any kind of device are NOT the enemy. In fact they’re soon going to become your best friend. All those times you need to be glued to the couch with a baby on your boob – these devices will distract your other child from running away and getting up to mischief.

TODDLERS ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY: On the note of being glued to the couch… as soon as you sit down your toddler will likely “need somefin ta eat”. Literally, every time. I have a pretty cool husband who makes Brooklyn’s lunch each day (and mine!) so I usually just tell him to go get his lunch box and help himself. But if you don’t have one of these, then I’d highly recommend making their lunch at the beginning of the day. Will save you so much one handed food making!

NEVER GO TO THE SUPERMARKET: Those quick trips into the supermarket to grab a few bits for dinner? Yeah, they’re basically never going to happen ever again. Unless you’ve ditched both kids and gone by yourself (highly recommend this). It takes so much longer to get in and out of the car with two – it’s crazy! I usually opt for leaving the baby in the capsule and awkwardly lugging it around the supermarket while bribing the toddler with a kinder surprise to stay by my side. You could baby wear but then that’ll add another 5-10 mins getting them out of the carseat, getting them in the wrap/carrier, then back in the carseat. It’s tiring even writing this!

NAPPIES ARE EXPENSIVE: Holy heck, buying nappies for 2 (or more) is SO EXPENSIVE!!! There goes our nice cheap shopping budget. If you can get your kid toilet trained before number 2 comes along, DO IT! Because also, when you’re back to changing a baby’s wee bum again – changing a toddler’s bum is seriously rank. Their legs seem so much more gangly and long, and they just automatically seem way too big to be laying there getting their butt wiped.

NAP TIME IS ALSO YOUR FRIEND: Along with iPads, nap time will also become your best friend. If your child is too old for naps now, I do not envy you and I really don’t know how you do it. I basically live for getting both kids to nap at the same time. Not so I can nap too, just so that I can have some silence all to myself. If you told me 3 years ago that in 3 years time I would spend my mornings plotting in my head how to get my 2 babies to sleep at the same time, I would have laughed. Yet here I am! (they’re currently both napping – boom!)

IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO STAY IN YOUR PJS ALL DAY: Seriously, no one will judge you (or maybe they will, but who cares haha). Some days it’s just too much effort to get dressed. Don’t be fooled by photos of Marlo in cute clothes, sure she is dressed – but I guarantee that at least 50% of the time I’m behind the camera in my PJs.

And last but not least…

YOU’RE NOT A TERRIBLE MUM FOR BEING ANNOYED AT YOUR TODDLER: Just remember that everyone has their days. No matter how perfect someones life may look, I am 99% sure that they have crap days too. I’ll say it – Brooklyn annoys the heck out of me sometimes. He’s almost 3 and has got quite the little (not) attitude and he knows how to push all the wrong buttons. But it’s okay! Take a second, give them the iPad (hehe) and take some deep breaths. They won’t remember in an hour… and if all else fails, keep some lollipops in the cupboard!

J x

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