ROOM TOUR – Brooklyn’s Room

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen many photos of Brooklyn’s bedroom, but I thought I would share on here and add links to all the places where things have come from. My camera was in the room with a sleeping baby at the time and I’m sorry, but there was no way I was going in there to get it, so phone photos will have to do!

We live in Defence Force housing. They’re all pretty stock standard rentals with textured cream wallpaper, some are carpeted and some aren’t. We have a carpeted one in a lovely (not) shade of navy that shows every single speck of anything. Seriously, there is no looking spotless unless you vacuum multiple times a day. Ain’t no body got time for that!

Back to the bedroom, I try to keep nail holes and screws to a minimum as I know that we’ll have to be the ones to bog them up when we leave. So I mostly use clear push pins. I’m not a huge fan of the ol’ 3M hooks, they never really work well for us. So if push pins won’t suffice, then nails/screws will come to the rescue if need be.

This is Brooklyn’s 4th bedroom in 3 years, so it’s been an evolving style as he’s grown into his wee personality (which isn’t very ‘wee’ at all). It changes constantly, but for now we’re running with a ‘monochrome’ type theme as a base, with pops of colour. I know, I know… “kids need colour” blah blah. He has plenty of colour in the form of a million toys so I promise you he doesn’t live in a world of black and white 😉


We have kept this side of the room pretty simple with just a OMM Design Word Banner along side his bed (originally from Blake & Leo, but they’ve closed down now and I see that Deux Soeur has them in stock). His bed is the Payton from Freedom Furniture, it’s a king single so lots of room to grow or if Mum or Dad need to snuggle in. The Mocka Postbox’s make awesome bedside tables and they can hide bits and pieces in the drawers.

Duvet set: Tik Tak Kids
Throw & Tiger cushion: Intec Interiors
Teepee cushion: Cotton On Kids


I get asked LOADS about the kid’s drawers. They were built over 50 years ago by my Poppa! For his and my Nana’s first home together, they then moved them out to the family bach and when that was sold I was lucky enough to get my mitts on a couple! We (and by we, I actually mean Nare) re-painted them and put new handles on them to modernise them a wee bit. The legs are the originals, which I love!

Cross wall decals: Urban Signature
Tassel wall hanging: Little Lifestyle
Batman wall hook: Eco Mama
Felt garland: Tik Tak Kids
Name banner: Love From Seventeen
Owl canvas: Typo
Hippo money box: Onceit
Storage sacks: Floosie

Nare and I made the teepee following this tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.


And that’s where my peaceful photo taking session was rudely interrupted 😉 This is much more realistic! haha! A little reading corner is at the end of his bed. The book shelves are Ikea spice racks which I painted, they actually fit a reasonable amount of books too! Bonus! The silver Moroccan pouf is from Tik Tak Kids, and you can just see the corner of his Mocka toy box which I added a few wall decals to.

I’ll do Marlo’s room when we’re back from holiday and I’ve given it a good tidy up 😉

J x

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