Travelling with babes

I used to fly loads with Brooklyn and he was awesome at it. Thankfully, because it was usually just he and I, so it could have turned messy very easily if he turned into a toad. But lucky for me, 85% of the time he was great! 

Tomorrow is Marlo’s debut flight and Brooklyn’s first in probably a year (since he turned two and we had to pay for flights 😂). Brooklyn is so super excited, he’s at the age where he actually ‘gets it’, that he’s going in a plane. He asks every morning if it’s the day we’re going on the plane to Granny’s house (my parents are together but Brooklyn just calls it ‘Granny’s House’ – sorry Grandpa! Haha), tomorrow we finally get to say yes! 

My tips for flying with kids: 

  1. WEAR THE BABY: If you have a baby that can’t walk, or doesn’t just hold your hand and walk beside you… Highly recommend wearing them in a wrap/carrier of some kind. 
  2. TIE YOUR HAIR UP: If you’re anything like me, having your hair down all over your face and getting in the way, makes you hot and flustered. I know it looks nice out, but do yourself a favour and just tie it up. 
  3. SNACKS FOR THE TODDLER: Food. It’s the answer to everything. Snacks, water and lollipops. Not kidding. Pack them, if you need to bribe them to do anything then you will thank me 😉
  4. IPAD/TABLET/PHONE + HEADPHONES: Whatever floats your boat – let them have it if they won’t shut up. But do take headphones… The first time we flew, I made the rookie mistake of not taking any headphones. And boy, oh boy, was Brooklyn not impressed that he couldn’t even hear anything because of the noise of the plane. Fail! 
  5. NAPPIES + WIPES: I know this seems very obvious, but just a reminder – pack way more nappies than you think you’ll need. Your once a week pooper will likely blow out 4 times on your trip if you only pack 2 extra nappies. They can sense these things, I tell ya! 
  6. BOOB/BOTTLE/DUMMY: Or a combination of them all! Feeding a baby on takeoff and landing is highly recommended so that there wee ears don’t hurt. I know it’s mega awkward if you’re sitting next to someone you don’t know, the seats are super skinny and it’s not really easy to be discrete. But don’t worry about it, just do what you gotta do girl! 
  7. UNDER DRESS: You, not the kids. It’s likely at one time on your trip you’ll end up a bit frazzled… You don’t want to be frazzled and sweating up a storm too! So don’t wear too many layers.

How our trip went: The flight was amazing, Brooklyn was a total dude yelling “yeaaaah woohooooo again! Again!!” when there was turbulence 😂 And Marlo slept the whole time 👌🏼 Then there was Auckland traffic (grrrrr) which meant it took over an hour to get from the Airport to Whenuapai, and then a 2 hour drive to Whangarei. It was a long afternoon but the kids were great! 

I’ll be blogging Brooklyn’s wee party next so stay tuned for photo spam! 
J x

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