Brooklyn’s 3rd Birthday party – minion theme

When you ask an almost 3 year old what theme they want for their birthday party, it’s always a bit worrying πŸ˜‚ But I did it… He asked for a Minion party. Hmmmm, so my mission was then to figure out how I could do it in the least eye-sore way possible. That’s where Julie from Pop Roc Parties came in, I asked her for some ideas on a ‘minimalistic minion party’ (hehe). She sent me a photo that she’d seen on Meri Meri’s Instagram and it was perfect. I ordered some supplies from her website from the Meri Meri range in yellows and golds which were in the photo she showed me.

We decided to have a pretty low-key party this year. We knew we would be in Whangarei for his Birthday so planned to just have a few family and a couple of close friends. We had it at lunch time and served pulled pork, buns and salads. Granny (my Mum) made a delicious punch (FYI: do not put frozen berries in a drink dispenser! They will get stuck hehe) and for dessert we had lemon cupcakes with tangy lemon buttercream icing and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache (and more chocolate on top as you will see in the photo).

I’ll be honest, I had a fail with the cake… I used a cake tin that was too small for the recipe so it overflowed and then sunk down on one side. Argh! That’s when I decided to go for a ‘chocolate overload’ type look and poured ganache all over it and then went ahead and piled up loads of Kit Kat, Rolos and Maltesers πŸ™Š 

Enough of the chit chat, here’s some photos of Brooklyn’s day…









Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! 

J x  



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