Review + giveaway: baby shusher

I was a huge white noise fan when Brooklyn was a baby, in fact I was that much of a fan that he still had it cranking each night until he was 2. Until he would get out of bed and go and turn the iPod dock off so I took that as ‘okay lady, I’m sick of sleeping with this constant rain noise now’ 😉 We’ve always lived on Air Force bases, so it’s been rather noisy with planes and helicopters. Add a light sleeper into that equation and I NEEDED something to mask it. I didn’t know about the whole white noise thing until he was about 3 months old though…

Along comes Marlo and before her birth I’d already decided that I’d use white noise of some kind from the get go this time. I umm-ed and uhh-ed about getting a Baby Shusher my whole pregnancy. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick and also thought it was too expensive, I was too busy spending all of our money on cute baby girl outfits 😉 The Saturday before I had Marlo (on the Monday) I thought ‘ah stuff it! I need to try that gimmick!’, sent a desperate e-mail to the lovely Fiona from Sleepytot NZ (NZ stockist of Baby Shusher) and she got one on the first courier she should. Thanks Fiona! You’re a legend!

We have used it from the day Marlo came home from hospital and I totally ate my words. I’m sorry Baby Shusher, you ain’t no gimmick! You my friend, are a lifesaver. Totally worth that $50, in fact I’d have paid $100 if I knew what you were capable of! Even the husband is a huge fan 🙂

I fed Brooklyn to sleep until he was 6 months old and I wasn’t overly keen on doing that again, and with a noisy 3 year old it’s not that easy to feed to sleep during the day anyway. I understand all babies are different, so maybe Marlo is just a polar opposite to Brooklyn. But seriously, I’m totally bowing down to the almighty Shusher for Marlo’s self settling skills. I literally pop her down awake (90% of the time), turn the Shusher on and she dozes off all by her cute wee self. Amazing! She hasn’t been swaddled in months and doesn’t have a dummy either.

I usually put it on the 30min setting for day sleeps and when she goes to bed in the evening, but just the 15 min setting after night feeds. I almost have it on full blast during the day, but turn it right down for after night feeds.

I’m sure you get the gist, I love the thing. I remember so many nights from Brooklyn’s newborn/infant days where I would be pacing the room, rocking and “sshhhhhh”ing until I felt light headed. Then laying him down only to have him wake up and then start the cycle again. Yaaaawn! I haven’t done this once with Marlo, not once. Okay I lie… I did “shhh” her to sleep on our flight home last week. But that was because I didn’t have the Shusher on me (I think they need to invent a key-ring sized Shusher for these situations! haha!). And yes, the Shusher totally came away on holiday with us!

If you’re pregnant or a new Mummy, I HIGHLY recommend investing in one. Honestly, you won’t regret it. Click HERE to go straight to where you can buy one, easy peasy!

We also have a Baby Shusher to giveaway to one lucky person! Head to my Instagram for details on how to enter: @withthewhittakers.

J x


11 thoughts on “Review + giveaway: baby shusher

  1. outsidetheboxnz says:

    Awesome giveaway! We love the baby shusher, ours broke so we are using the app at the moment 😅. Wish I had known about the shusher with my first child!


  2. Kylie Jones Nesbit says:

    These baby shushers sound amazing and I would love to win one for my new baby born in 7 weeks time, thanks for the opportunity ☺


  3. Hailey Cundall says:

    This sounds amazing, I have an 11 week old wee boy who we have to shhh to sleep each time he goes down! I think it would change everything if he could settle to sleep!


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