Oh hey – Love From Seventeen

If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen products from Love from Seventeen pop up in photos of the kid’s bedroom/s a lot. I first ‘met’ Kylie (we’ve never met in person, I mean online haha) way back at the beginning of Love from Seventeen when she approached me to help share her new wee business in the social media world (May last year actually!). Of course I said yes, I mean come on – her products are adorable! Kylie designs and produces gorgeous laser cut bamboo creations – banners, buntings, clothing hangers, key rings… and the list goes on.

She has also just recently released a bunch of pregnancy and baby milestone products too. Damn it Kylie, a year ago would have been perfect thank you very much 😉 And another fave product of mine – the personalized Christmas baubles that went cray cray and every second person on Instagram had some! I’m not at all surprised though, they’re flippin’ cute!

I had a chat with Kylie recently and she answered some questions for me so that you guys can get to know her a little more…

Where did the name ‘Love from Seventeen’ come from?
I was trying to think outside the box a little and was thinking about the girls; they’re both born on the 17th, and every product I make is made with love so that was that, Love from Seventeen!

What made you decide to start your own business?
I just wanted something else, just for me, rather than being chief cook and cleaner and “muuuuuuuuum!”, a creative outlet really. Little did I know this ‘hobby’ would be a full blown business 6 months later!

You’ve told us about your awesome family support network when you have lots of orders to crank out… Who would be your biggest cheerleader?
I seriously can’t pin point one person! My gorgeous Mum Karen is amazing; she was pulling the all nighters with me when the craziness of the baubles hit at Christmas time! My hubby Quintin has been the foundations of it all too, keeping the house running and the kids sorted while I’m elbow deep in orders. My Dad’s the business-head of the family so his advice now that things have gotten really busy has been invaluable too. And a handful of friends who drop everything to come and help work nights and weekends with me too! What do they say? It takes a village… Haha

What would be one bit of advice you would give to someone that’s thinking of starting up their own business?
Do your research, and stay true to yourself, your ideas, your designs and never, ever loose that passion that made you want to start in the first place. It won’t be easy and not all smooth sailing but when you’re enjoying yourself 99% of the time – so worth it! If you believe in your business and your product, there is no reason why others won’t love it too! X

How do you stay positive when things get tough in the business world?
All the wine! To be honest I usually have a big cry, get it out and get over it because I’m the only who can decide which way it’s going to go when the going gets tough! For every bit of ugly that comes out of the woodwork from time to time – ESPECIALLY in a business that is built purely on social media – there is about a million more positive. You take that and you run with it.

Who is your ‘business crush’?
Oh gosh this is so hard! Candiandco was an ‘instabusiness’ that I loved right from the beginning, and still love all their products. Jaime (My Mini Loves), Claire (Little Whimsy), Kim (Willow Boutique) and I all launched at the same time and their advice and tips was invaluable! And those beautiful instaMums that I approached in the early days for a helping hand getting my wee venture off the ground who didn’t hesitate to jump on board and help me out (Jordy May Design case in point haha!) when sadly a lot didn’t even have the courtesy to reply to my email.

What is your main personal goal for 2016?
Learn how to file a GST return, keep up my running (I workout so I can drink ) and just be the best Mum I can be for my girls; finding a good balance I reckon. Oh, and finish the gardens lol.

If you have no work to do, kids are in bed… What will we find you snacking on? (Yes I am assuming everyone snacks once the kids are in bed… you all do, right?) 
A green tea, and chances are I’ll be snacking on a block of cheese or a dry Cruskit because I can’t/won’t buy biscuits or chips or anything remotely delicious because they’ll be inhaled in one sitting #noselfcontrol

Thanks for chatting with us, Kylie!

* GIVEAWAY* Kylie is kind enough to do a giveaway with us for a custom 14x16cm Love From Seventeen banner! Head over to our Instagram for the details on how to enter.

J x




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