Review – Haakaa Silicone Breastpump

When I saw Global Baby post a photo of this product, my first thought was ‘Wow! Only $27!!’. Closely followed by ‘Surely this is too good to be true…’. Soon after I saw them, they’d sold out! Still thinking they’re too good to be true… a few days later a big box from Global Baby turned up on my door step full of lots of Haakaa goodies, including the breast pump! Yay!

I grabbed it out of the box and went and hid in the playroom so I could test it out. Like literally, straight away 😉

Now, I’ll try to explain exactly how it works, but my explaining skills aren’t very wonderful so please bear with me! What you see in the picture above is literally all there is to it. No cords, no bottle. That’s it. Basically – you suction it on to your boob (or should I say ‘breast’? Is ‘boob’ not PC? Meh, boob it is!), and squeeze. That’s it! I got it suctioned on (to my boob 😉 ) and gave it a few squeezes until the milk started dripping out and then just left it to do it’s thing. Occasionally I had to reposition it or give it another couple of squeezes to get things moving again. I assumed I would have to sit there squeezing it the whole time in rhythmic timing to mimic an electric pump (or a baby I suppose), but that wasn’t the case. There really wasn’t much to it! I got about 50mls in less than 5 mins. Brooklyn kept coming in and out (how dare you come into your playroom, child!) so I was too distracted and couldn’t get a let down. So I thought I’d give it a go when I fed Marlo next, and do it at the same time so that I was guaranteed a let down. I did, and this time got 70mls. Bearing in mind this is in the middle of the day so not the most ideal time for expressing, but hey – 70mls is still pretty good!

Fast forward to the next morning…  I tried it again. This time Marlo was still asleep but I managed to get 120mls and got a letdown with it! Yay! I probably could have kept going to be honest, but that was the collection part of the pump full so I stopped.

I’m pretty impressed with it! The ease of use, the portability, the simplicity and of course the affordability is a huge one! I also own a Medela Mini which is SO loud I feel like I’m at a milking shed, and it gets no more milk out than the Haakaa pump. No spending hundred/s of dollars on pumps that have a million parts to clean either! It’s also dishwasher safe! Heck yeah! Currently my dishwasher is my husband, but I’m still stoked with that feature.

For occasional expressing I think this is perfect! I would still be inclined to use an electric pump of some kind if you were expressing full time or a situation similar. But for anything else I think this is a definite winner! A friend also pointed out that it could be great to use if you have an electric pump, to manually express from the other side at the same time. Great idea!

Now I’ve probably talked some of you into wanting one, and they’re sold out. Sorry! Buuuut they’re due back in really soon, you can pre-order HERE, or if you want me to let you know when Global Baby has them back in stock (due late Feb/early March), comment on my IG post about this and I will tag you when they’re back. I’m also happy to answer any questions over there (or here) too!

J x

14 thoughts on “Review – Haakaa Silicone Breastpump

  1. karen says:

    Hi, I’m intrigued by the volume you got as I bought one the other day (different store) and had a play but I didn’t have the same success. I was however squeezing continuously so obviously haven’t quite got the action right! I bought it because we have a long haul flight coming up and figured it would be useful if things get a little out of sync!


  2. Kate says:

    I just got mine in the mail today and I also thought it was going to be too good to be true…but i was wrong! I tried it while nursing my 5 week old on one side and got 2 oz in a matter of minutes! This is by far so much more convenient than my manual pump and my medela so far. I wish I had it with my first child also!


    • withthewhittakers says:

      Hey Julie, it will definitely increase your supply! The more you pump the more your body makes because it thinks baby is feeding (but it’s the pump). Do you pump at the same time as while you’re feeding on the other side? I find this the best way and get the most milk this way, as I struggle to get a let down without feeding at the same time.


  3. Louisa Castledine says:

    Hi Ladies, I have unfortunately damaged my nipple on one side so Im thinking of using the haakaa pump on the damaged side while I breastfeed on the other, do you think it will work for me considering my milk has only just come in, today my baby is 4 days old.


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