Toddler + Baby Room Sharing

I’ve had more than a few questions, asking how the room sharing is going with the kids, so thought I’d do a post about it explaining what we do at bedtime and how it’s working out.

We decided to put them in together after we went away for Christmas and had to share a room then, it worked pretty well so we thought we’d give it a crack at home. I always loved the idea of having a playroom so this would mean we could have one! Yay!

Week 1: I would put Marlo down first, let her get to sleep, then sneak Brooklyn in once I knew she was asleep. He was really good the first few nights, didn’t come out at all and just went to sleep. The next few nights he would come out for random things *cue every excuse he could think of*… “I need another kiss and another cuddle”, cute. “I need a drink”, alright, I guess we can’t say no to that. “I need you to take me back to bed”, well shit kid if you didn’t get OUT of bed, I wouldn’t NEED to put you back in there!! A few nights of mischief and he was back on track. Night feeds he either didn’t wake up, wakes up and sits on his bed until I come in and then goes back to sleep, or comes and stands in our doorway saying “Mumma, the bebe is awake”. Not even kidding. Not ‘baby’, not ‘Marlo’… ‘Bebe’. It’s pretty funny!

Week 2: Nare went away. Brooklyn always turns into Mr Sensitive when Nare is away so I knew this would mess with things majorly. Bed time went fine the first night, but by 10pm he was in my bed. I’m also a bit of a sucker when Nare goes away and adopt the ‘do what you gotta do to get through’ attitude. So I gave in pretty easily when Brooklyn informed me that he needed to cuddle me in my bed. Okaaaaay. I pretty much didn’t even bother making him go to bed in his room that week. For night feeds he would either not hear her through the monitor in our room, or he would come with me and go back to sleep on his bed and then when I was finished he would walk back to our room with me and go back to sleep. He reckoned he was scared of Poppy (the cat) coming in while I was gone… Hah!

Week 3: Back into your bed you go Mr! Dad is home and it’s time to vacate our bed. Big bloody HA HA… night 1 he was back in our bed by 10pm! Night 2 was 3am and it’s pretty much been around 3/4am since then. That’s when Marlo wakes for a feed and he must be sleeping too lightly around that time to sleep through it. Boooo. However, this week I started putting them both down at the same time and it’s working great! I sit on Brooklyn’s bed to feed Marlo anyway, so he joins us and lays beside me and mucks around with his bunny and Cuski’s… then I pop Marlo into bed, turn on the Baby Shusher, kiss her, kiss him and get the heck out of there! Okay there are a few more OCD things that Brooklyn needs me to do, like once I get to the door I have to blow him a kiss, wait for him to blow one back, ‘catch it’, then give him a thumbs up. Yes, he’s weird. Marlo yacks away to herself and her bunny and eventually falls asleep, Brooklyn comes out once or twice for annoying things and then eventually goes to sleep too.

That’s a bit of a sum up for ya! We have a 3 year old rugrat in our bed from 3/4am most mornings at the moment, but it’s a small price to pay for having no toys in the lounge and a playroom! They go to bed at 6pm, Brooklyn wakes up around 6.45/7am and Marlo 7.30/8am.

J x

5 thoughts on “Toddler + Baby Room Sharing

  1. Ruth says:

    Does Brooklyn still have a nap? Our 2 year 7 Mon Month and 7 month old have Shared since she was as 4 months and overnight he rarely wakes we’re lucky but bedtime is complicated!


  2. Jess says:

    Eek yay! This gices me hope for when we put mr1 & mr3 in the same room 🙂 Weird question, what do you do for dinner for Brooklyn? Lol id love to cut my 3yo nap out & get him to bed earlier but dinner time here is 5.30-6ish (depending on th day haha) so many people say cook two meals but that seems like a pain in th ass haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • withthewhittakers says:

      I try to have dinner done by 5pm now, half the time it doesn’t happen though haha. If I know it’s not gonna happen then I attempt an early bath/shower so that he can eat and then go straight to bed 😁


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