What’s for lunch? + EasiYo Giveaway

I’m always looking for inspiration for toddler food, and I noticed it’s often a common topic on Facebook and other online forums. I’m sure we all have the same struggle – finding healthy + easy to make foods that the toddler will actually eat. Brooklyn started pre-school a few weeks ago and I’ve become a bit more inspired to come up with different food ideas for his lunch box… can’t just whip out 2 minute noodles if I’m lacking in ideas 😉

I thought I’d share some lunch box ideas with you all that Brooklyn is loving right now. For his pre-school lunch, I send him with a Goodbyn Hero lunchbox from And They Lived Green. I really love the size of this bento style lunchbox! The 2 dipper containers that it comes with are super handy, and they’re a great price (even more perfect!). For his drink bottle, he takes a Haakaa stainless steel bottle, Mr. Diva himself requests “cold water from the fridge” and this does a great job of keeping it that way. (Psssst, Global baby has them on sale at the moment too for only $30!)


Above is a couple of examples of his lunches. He is right into his cute shaped sandwiches, I got them both from Ali Express (Panda click HERE, teddy bear click HERE), I particularly like these cutters because they seal the edges too – yay no marmite everywhere!! Carrot and cheese sticks are always a winner, fruit, popcorn, Weetbix bites (yes I know they’re for breakfast, but they’re also a good finger snack!), crackers and muesli bars. I asked in a Facebook group for some ideas and I’ve used two already. The first was some pastry scrolls (you could do whatever you like – cheese and tomato paste, I did mince and cheese), and a ‘toddler scroggin’ which consists of Nutri-Grain + dried apricots + cranberries + raisins (not allowed loose nuts at Brooklyn’s pre-school). He really loves the scroggin mix!

I found these cute egg/rice moulds on Ali Express too (yes I’m a bit of an Ali junky!) and made some rice balls filled with tuna, over the weekend. They turned out ultra cute so I’ll be making some more for his lunches! Click HERE for the moulds.

The other lunchbox ‘must have’ in my opinion are Kai Carriers. I have the 140ml ones and they’re perfect for yoghurt and smoothies. They hold about the same amount of yoghurt as a small pottle from the supermarket. But no need to buy those, because I totally understand the whole ‘take your rubbish home’ business – but seriously, there is leftover yoghurt all through the lunchbox! No deal! I’ve been back on the EasiYo band wagon lately and have been making up a batch in our mini maker which perfectly fills four Kai Carriers for the freezer. I alternate smoothie, yoghurt, smoothie for pre-school days, so that he doesn’t get bored. Just grab one out of the freezer in the morning and it’s nice and cool by morning tea/lunch time.  Speaking of EasiYo


We have a mini maker + flavours to giveaway! It’s the perfect size and doesn’t take up heaps of room in the cupboard. We’ve been using ours heaps lately for ice-blocks, and of course for Brooklyn’s lunches. He likes the fruity ones the most. My favourites are the ‘greek with bits’… whatever the ‘bits’ may be, I’m a fan! If you’ve come from Instagram – go back to the photo and tag some friends. If you’ve come from Facebook – do the same over there. You can do it on both for extra entries! Just make sure you tag each friend in separate comments. I’ll combine all the comments on Monday 15th Feb at 11pm and pick a winner from there! The perfect time to get into yoghurt making, if you don’t already – with kindy and school back for the year 🙂

J x

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