Toddler Art Fun + Review – ArtiSand

Brooklyn was lucky enough to be sent a sand art kit from ArtiSand, a new NZ owned and operated business. I’m ‘that Mum’ that cringes at doing messy play, arts + crafts, etc at home. Playdoh is about as messy as it gets over here 😉  That’s what kindy is for, right? But I was willing to give this art set a try anyway, for Brooklyn’s sake.

Our box arrived, and inside it came: 10 bags of different coloured sand, 2 little bottles (to make it easy to pour the sand out), 1 A4 image, 1 A5 image, 2 plastic sleeves (for keeping the art works in afterwards), a mini funnel (for getting the sand into the little bottles), and 2 little star shaped picks (to use to peel off bits of the image to reveal the sticky layer).

That’s the general gist of it – you peel off parts of the image to reveal the sticky layer, sprinkle the coloured sand that you want on those bits, then tap it off and do the next part. Super easy!

Brooklyn is 3 and he did need a bit of help. He chose the colours and we filled the wee bottles up for him, and peeled back the image where he said he wanted to put that colour. Then he would sprinkle the sand on. He had heaps of fun and was very proud of his wee creation in the end. He told us he wants to take it to pre-school to show them! It was probably not a wise idea to tackle this after a full day at pre-school… there were a couple of almost meltdowns because we picked the wrong colour, haha.


Surprisingly, it wasn’t as messy as you’d think! We found it best to do it over an open magazine, that way it was easy to tip all the excess back into the bags of sand. There was a bit of sand on the table from Brooklyn getting a bit over-excited, but that was it!

The sand is non-toxic, which is always a biggy for a Mum of a toddler… Brooklyn of course had to have a taste, and also tipped some in his ear while we weren’t looking. Yes, in his ear, haha.

Overall I thought it was a very fun little art project – it didn’t take too much time, and didn’t make much mess. The husband also approved!

“Smile and show me your picture!”

There’s heaps of cute images to choose from on their website and you can purchase your own sand from HERE too. They sell party packs too, wouldn’t it be awesome to do at a kids party?!

ArtiSand is also on Facebook and Instagram

Thank you Artisand for encouraging a bit of arts + crafts in the Whittaker household!

J x

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