Recipes: Egg Free Corn + Vege Fritters

Once upon a time, I didn’t cook. I moved straight out of home and went boarding with a lovely family, while I studied. My amazing stand-in-Mama cooked for me, and I had lots of noodles for lunches hehe. I then moved home for a few months, where my Mum cooked. I then moved in with my boyfriend (now husband). He’d been flatting for years, so was used to fending for himself. He did most of the cooking, mostly because he was good at it! And I had no idea what I was doing. Slowly I started helping and doing a couple of meals a week…

Fast forward to now and I cook every night, and I love it! Especially since becoming a stay at home Mum… being in the kitchen, alone, is my time. The husband gets home, he’s on kid duty and I get to go and cook dinner. Works well!

Now to the fritter talk… I used to love the idea of corn fritters, my friend Amanda used to make them for our toddlers when they were just starting on finger foods. Her fritters always looked so yummy and crispy on the edges. Whenever I would try them at home, they were big fat FAILs. I would get all huffy after the first batch came out of the pan and throw the whole mixture out. Then I’d whinge to the husband and tell him that I’m never trying fritters again. A month or so later, I’d go to Amanda’s house, come home and try them… repeat of the above. Another few months… repeat. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

One day I had a fritter epiphany! And I’ve been slightly obsessed ever since. I often get asked for my fritter recipes after I Instagram or Snapchat them (like once a week haha) so thought I would share my successful egg-free fritter recipes:


1 can of creamed corn
1 cup plain flour
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp water/milk
whatever else you want to add (ham, bacon, grated veges, etc)

Fry in your choice of oil.

1/2 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of milk
1 carrot – grated
1 medium kumara – grated
You can add whatever grated veges you like, zucchini is a popular one.

Fry in your choice of oil.

Hope you enjoy!

J x

Support Local – Easter Sales

Everyone loves a good sale, right? And I love sharing them… so I thought I’d chuck them all in a post, add links, and make it easy for you to do some shopping. You’re welcome! Some of these sales finish Sunday, some Monday. So hop to it…

Lewis & Lou has 25% off all Kids Collection items (some of our fave headbands!) using the code LONGWEEKEND at checkout.
Pop Roc Parties has 20% off EVERYTHING (including sale items!) using the code EASTERWKND
Blush Baby Boutique has FREE shipping on all NZ and AUS orders – no code needed.
Goblin Baby Wear has 20% off storewide using the code EASTER20 at checkout.
I loVe Kool has 30% off all season HELLO STRANGER using the code HAPPYEASTER.
Hello World Kids has 20% off using the code EASTER at checkout (another fave for headbands, and matching bibs!).
And They Lived Green has FREE shipping using the code EASTER16 at checkout (we get our Kai Carriers and Brooklyn’s lunch box is from here too).
Little Pop Studios has 40% off using the code LONGWEEKEND.
Baby Steps has 25% off all MERINO using the code HAPPY EASTER at checkout.
Thomas Pie has FREE NZ shipping – no code needed.
Jamie Kay has 50% off blankets (excluding sale + pre-orders) – no code needed.
Two Friends & Co has 20% off using the code LONGWEEKEND at checkout.
Beau Monde Babe has 20% off (almost) everything using the code EASTERSALE at checkout.
Jaxon Rose has got 35-50% off summer collections and FREE shipping – no code needed.
Eczema Cabubra has 50% off STOREWIDE – no code needed.
Small Fry has their bibs 2 for $20 this weekend only – no code needed.

Happy shopping!

J x

First Impressions: Mountain Buggy Juno

Our family was lucky enough to be chosen to join the team at Mountain Buggy to be a pilot for their new baby carrier – the Juno.

We chose the colour ‘sand’ (by we, I really mean ‘me’, I did show the husband the colour choices after I had picked though, hehe) . I decided to stuff ‘practical’ this time, and just go for the colour I first loved. Sand it was.

I’m going to give it a thorough trial/test run over the next little while, but for now I thought I would let you know my first impressions…


I’m a Graphic Designer, which means I’m basically a sucker for anything that comes in cute packaging. The box it comes in is very stylish, it has these cute little peep holes so you can see a bit of the outer fabric and the inner fabric, which I thought was cool. And a chunky cord handle. Note: toddler also thinks packaging is very cool and has been using it as his ‘bag’ since it arrived.

The first thing that caught my attention when unpacking the Juno, was how deliciously soft the inner fabric feels. I’m no fabric guru so I could be completely off the mark here, but I’d describe it as a soft jersey cotton type fabric (someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!). That is what will be against baby’s back, and is also on the inside of the hood too. On the sand Juno, the lining is black.

Easy to adjust
The Juno is pretty fool proof to put on, however there are lots of videos on You-Tube with tutorials for each different carry, so if you have trouble – those are great to watch. (Click HERE for the one I watched on child facing inwards.) I first tried it with Marlo, but she was due for a nap so that lasted all of about 1 minute. I was hanging out to try it though, so I thought I’d whack Brooklyn on my back. It was easy to adjust for this and I really like that the sternum strap can be shifted up and down to suit.

Max weight limit for the Juno is 20kg, Brooklyn is approx 17kg and I was pretty surprised at how comfy it was (for me)! He also didn’t complain, and keeps asking to go back in it – so I figure it was comfy for him too.
No complaints about comfort when wearing Marlo, either. The hip/waist band is slightly more padded and soft feeling than the Ergo, as are the shoulder straps.

Okay, this is probably my favourite part of the whole carrier. It’s got this awesome pocket which you can put your hands in and cradle baby’s back/butt. It’s so natural to have your hands there – I always feel a bit awkward when I’m hands free, and don’t know what to do with my arms. So this is super cool, comfy, and looks cute in the photos the husband took of me 😉 (and notice his hands were in the pocket too!)

From the husband
Like me, the first thing he noticed was how soft the fabric was. He also liked how comfy it was, and that it was easy to re-adjust for him to wear right after me.

Thats our first impressions! Turns out I rambled a bit more than I planned, these were supposed to be short bullet points. Oops. I’m just excited! You will no doubt be seeing lots of Juno spam on my IG over the next little while, while we test this baby out.

J x



Introducing – The Cup Chain

See that cute little innocent face? Before long she’s going to be on solids, spending more and more time in her highchair stuffing her face with food, and spending her days knocking her drink bottle off the tray. I would spend endless hours picking it up and giving it back to her, she’ll have a drink, then biff it back off the edge. It’s a common game. Most kids play it. Most parents hate it, and many drink bottles break because of it.

I’m here to introduce you to something that will save your drink bottles, animal’s heads, and your own sanity. The Cup Chain! Designed by a clever stay-at-home-Mum who resides in a small town called Kapunda, near the world famous Barossa Valley (wine region) in South Australia, with her gorgeous family.

It’s as easy as using the suction cup to stick it onto your babe’s highchair tray, attaching their drink bottle/cup using the stretchy silicone ring, and you’re done! *insert smug giggle at the baby here* You can also detach the chain from the suction cup and use the fastener to attach it to their buggy/pram straps! So they can’t chuck it out of the pram while you’re out walking, yay!

You would have read above that Marlo isn’t actually on solids yet, however she does spend a few times a day hanging out in the highchair while I’m busy in the kitchen. So I assure you, she has been putting her Cup Chain to the test well and truly! It’s been suctioned on for 2 weeks without coming off. I’ve tried it out on different sized drink bottles with and without water (different weights, photos below), the silicone ring has always held on tight. Winning!

Super affordable, it’s only $13NZD including postage (un-tracked) from Australia! I think this is the coolest wee product! Would make an awesome baby shower gift, too. You can get your own Cup Chain from Bottoms & Bibs on Facebook.

J x

The drink bottles/cups below from left to right are: Haakaa stainless steel straw bottle, Sistema dinkee cup, Replay Recycled spill proof cup. Marlo’s highchair is a Phil & Teds Poppy and she is wearing a headband from Lewis & Lou.


Easy Watercolour Art by Clever Poppy


The lovely Julie from Clever Poppy, approached me to see if I would be interested in trying out her new and improved DIY Kit for ‘Easy Watercolour Art’. I’ve been following Julie for a while now on Instagram and had been eyeing up her awesome DIY kits, so of course I said “Yes please!!”.

‘Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out supplies, instructions and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go!’

Now, this is my kind of thing! Everything at my finger tips without having to leave the house,  very ideal! The kit arrived on my door step, beautifully packaged, it even came in a Clever Poppy tote bag! I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I hoard business cards, so we’re onto a winner already.



DIY Kit includes:

  • Printed DIY Instruction Sheet
  • Watercolour Paint Palette
  • Magic ‘white-out’ liquid
  • Watercolour Brushes
  • Watercolour Paper x 5 sheets
  • Designs x 5
  • DIY wooden poster hanger x 1 (choose your favourite painting to hang, and swap it out when you feel like a change!)

Difficulty rating: 2/10 for adults (and easy for kids 3+ to help with the painting part of the project)

Time it takes to complete this project: approx 1 hour plus time for the paint etc to dry

I prepped them last night so they were all ready to paint with Brooklyn this morning. He loved using the water colours, but was getting a bit carried away. So before he went outside the lines and made me cry, I gave him some blank paper to go for gold on, and I carried on with the art works… I know, I’m THAT Mum. haha.

I’ve put photos below of some of the process and the finished products. Overall I really enjoyed the project! The instructions were super easy to read and follow 👌🏼 I’ve got another one half on the go already which I will carry on with when I’m finished with this post. Brooklyn is very proud of his one which we attached to the poster hanger (part of the kit) and hung in the kid’s bedroom, we have a friend over for dinner and Brooklyn insisted he went to have a look at his art. So cute!

You can visit Clever Poppy’s website to purchase any of their awesome DIY kits HERE. They are also on Facebook and Instagram too.

J x






Easter Gift Ideas

With Easter coming up in a couple of weekends time (25th-28th March 2016), I thought I would put together a list of some present ideas. I also thought I would keep it ‘chocolate free’, we can leave the chocolate gifts to the Grandparents 😉 You will also notice that all of these businesses are New Zealand based, this Easter lets ‘shop small’! Click on a photo and it will take you straight to where you can purchase the product from.


Sonny Angel Limited Edition Easter 2016 from August Boutique


Sleepytot Bunny from August Boutique



Wooden Bunny Teether from Dapper Mr Bear


Bunny Buddies + Bunny Rattles from Vinty


Bunny Hanger from Love From Seventeen


Personalised Fluffy Set from Sooo Me


Bunny Art Print from Outie (which can also be made into a pillowcase, so a little birdy tells me!)


Bunnilicious Temporary Tattoos from Ink a Little


Custom Bunny Romper from Tomi & Roo Boutique


Any of this series from Global Baby (they’re hilarious, Brooklyn loves them!)


Bunny Hoods from Gallop


Bunny Socks from Little Whimsy


Petit Bunny Puzzle from And The Lived Green

Hope you’ve found something you love! Now that I’ve compiled all of these cute things, I can’t decide which to buy for my own kids! hehe!

J x