Easy Watercolour Art by Clever Poppy


The lovely Julie from Clever Poppy, approached me to see if I would be interested in trying out her new and improved DIY Kit for ‘Easy Watercolour Art’. I’ve been following Julie for a while now on Instagram and had been eyeing up her awesome DIY kits, so of course I said “Yes please!!”.

‘Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out supplies, instructions and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go!’

Now, this is my kind of thing! Everything at my finger tips without having to leave the house,  very ideal! The kit arrived on my door step, beautifully packaged, it even came in a Clever Poppy tote bag! I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and I hoard business cards, so we’re onto a winner already.



DIY Kit includes:

  • Printed DIY Instruction Sheet
  • Watercolour Paint Palette
  • Magic ‘white-out’ liquid
  • Watercolour Brushes
  • Watercolour Paper x 5 sheets
  • Designs x 5
  • DIY wooden poster hanger x 1 (choose your favourite painting to hang, and swap it out when you feel like a change!)

Difficulty rating: 2/10 for adults (and easy for kids 3+ to help with the painting part of the project)

Time it takes to complete this project: approx 1 hour plus time for the paint etc to dry

I prepped them last night so they were all ready to paint with Brooklyn this morning. He loved using the water colours, but was getting a bit carried away. So before he went outside the lines and made me cry, I gave him some blank paper to go for gold on, and I carried on with the art works… I know, I’m THAT Mum. haha.

I’ve put photos below of some of the process and the finished products. Overall I really enjoyed the project! The instructions were super easy to read and follow 👌🏼 I’ve got another one half on the go already which I will carry on with when I’m finished with this post. Brooklyn is very proud of his one which we attached to the poster hanger (part of the kit) and hung in the kid’s bedroom, we have a friend over for dinner and Brooklyn insisted he went to have a look at his art. So cute!

You can visit Clever Poppy’s website to purchase any of their awesome DIY kits HERE. They are also on Facebook and Instagram too.

J x






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