First Impressions: Mountain Buggy Juno

Our family was lucky enough to be chosen to join the team at Mountain Buggy to be a pilot for their new baby carrier – the Juno.

We chose the colour ‘sand’ (by we, I really mean ‘me’, I did show the husband the colour choices after I had picked though, hehe) . I decided to stuff ‘practical’ this time, and just go for the colour I first loved. Sand it was.

I’m going to give it a thorough trial/test run over the next little while, but for now I thought I would let you know my first impressions…


I’m a Graphic Designer, which means I’m basically a sucker for anything that comes in cute packaging. The box it comes in is very stylish, it has these cute little peep holes so you can see a bit of the outer fabric and the inner fabric, which I thought was cool. And a chunky cord handle. Note: toddler also thinks packaging is very cool and has been using it as his ‘bag’ since it arrived.

The first thing that caught my attention when unpacking the Juno, was how deliciously soft the inner fabric feels. I’m no fabric guru so I could be completely off the mark here, but I’d describe it as a soft jersey cotton type fabric (someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!). That is what will be against baby’s back, and is also on the inside of the hood too. On the sand Juno, the lining is black.

Easy to adjust
The Juno is pretty fool proof to put on, however there are lots of videos on You-Tube with tutorials for each different carry, so if you have trouble – those are great to watch. (Click HERE for the one I watched on child facing inwards.) I first tried it with Marlo, but she was due for a nap so that lasted all of about 1 minute. I was hanging out to try it though, so I thought I’d whack Brooklyn on my back. It was easy to adjust for this and I really like that the sternum strap can be shifted up and down to suit.

Max weight limit for the Juno is 20kg, Brooklyn is approx 17kg and I was pretty surprised at how comfy it was (for me)! He also didn’t complain, and keeps asking to go back in it – so I figure it was comfy for him too.
No complaints about comfort when wearing Marlo, either. The hip/waist band is slightly more padded and soft feeling than the Ergo, as are the shoulder straps.

Okay, this is probably my favourite part of the whole carrier. It’s got this awesome pocket which you can put your hands in and cradle baby’s back/butt. It’s so natural to have your hands there – I always feel a bit awkward when I’m hands free, and don’t know what to do with my arms. So this is super cool, comfy, and looks cute in the photos the husband took of me 😉 (and notice his hands were in the pocket too!)

From the husband
Like me, the first thing he noticed was how soft the fabric was. He also liked how comfy it was, and that it was easy to re-adjust for him to wear right after me.

Thats our first impressions! Turns out I rambled a bit more than I planned, these were supposed to be short bullet points. Oops. I’m just excited! You will no doubt be seeing lots of Juno spam on my IG over the next little while, while we test this baby out.

J x



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