DIY Woven Wall Hanging by Clever Poppy

A few months ago, I tried the Clever Poppy watercolour art DIY kit (you can see my blog about it here). It was an easy, fun project to do with Brooklyn and he’s pretty proud of his artwork which is on display in the kid’s bedroom. When Julie asked if I’d like to try out a new kit she’d been working on, I jumped at the chance! This one was for me, even more exciting, because lets be honest – everything is for the kids these days! I’m not saying older kids can’t give this one a go, but mine are too little so it was all miiiiine *insert evil laugh*.

I was even more excited when Julie told me what it was… downloadable PDF instructions for a woven wall hanging!! Excite!! I’d seen these beauties all over Instagram and loved the look of them, but couldn’t be bothered sitting down watching you-tube tutorials to teach myself. Bingo! Julie’s done the hard work for us! Thanks chick!


The PDF download is a super cheap $4.99 NZD and tells you all you need to know: what you need, where to buy it, different techniques (including heaps of photos), what order she makes her example wall hanging in, etc. It’s super easy to follow and MUCH easier than I anticipated! A few nights in front of the TV was all it took. Though I warn you… it’s addictive!! You can buy the PDF here.

12933052_1059955617403809_29481380367981942_n copy

You can do whatever colour scheme you like, to fit in with your decor. I copied one of Julie’s and went with white, cream, pastel pinks, lilac and mustard. We don’t really have a colour scheme in our bedroom (where I planned for the wall hanging to go), so I just picked colours that I’m into at the moment. I do love the ones I’ve seen on Clever Poppy’s Instagram with splashes of mint green in them!

My finished hanging is below, I love it! It’s a beautiful addition to our peg-board headboard and looks super pretty in the mornings when the sun is streaming in. It would also make a beautiful gift, not to late to whip one up for a Mothers Day present!



I also had a quick chat to Julie about Clever Poppy and how she comes up with her ‘clever’ ideas…

Where/how did you come up with the idea for Clever Poppy?
I’ve always loved being creative and making things at home, and noticed that DIY was becoming more and more popular through shows like The Block etc. But I often heard people saying they didn’t have time to do projects, or didn’t know where to start…so I thought there was an opportunity to bridge the gap a bit and make it easier for people to do some home décor DIY!

Where did the name ‘Clever Poppy’ come from?
I debated for ages as to whether to have a descriptive name or a more memorable one for my business, and decided something a bit more interesting would be better at grabbing people’s attention. ‘Poppy’ (or poppet) was my nickname growing up, and I liked how adding ‘Clever’ made it a bit cheeky and implied a sense of achieving something. It kinda came out of nowhere but it stuck!

When you’re not DIY-ing up a storm, what will we find you doing?
Chasing my toddler around (he doesn’t stay still for a single minute haha!)? I am pretty busy to be honest – I work 3 days a week in an experiential marketing agency and 2 days a week on Clever Poppy (plus every other chance I get). We try to hang out with our mates a lot in the weekends and any family that live nearby. Oh and my in-laws have an awesome catamaran that we go away on as much as we can.

How would you describe your home decor style?
For me it’s all about texture and beautiful colours. My fav style hands down is Scandinavian and I would love to deck my house out that way (one day!). But in reality, I end up with more of a style that’s Scandi mixed with a relaxed, rustic, vintage look. It’s definitely a combo of on-trend pieces I love mixed with up cycled and timeless décor.

What is your favourite wall hanging that you’ve made so far?
I made one recently in a combo of white with beautiful mauvey natural shades. This is the first time I’ve shared a picture of it because I haven’t decided whether to keep it or not, but I think it’s definitely my favourite so far!


Thanks for chatting with me, Julie!

You can find Clever Poppy on Facebook, Instagram and click here for the website.

J x

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