A winter investment – the ultrasonic vapouriser

I get asked at least once a day at the moment, about which vapouriser we use, why we use it, what it’s for, what I put in it, where to get it from, how much it is, etc, etc. So I thought it was about time I whacked it all into a post so that I can send everyone here for all the nitty gritty!

When Brooklyn was a baby, he got sick loads. I don’t know why, he just did. Every little cold ended up in bronchiolitis, endless GP visits, hospital trips, the works. I guess some kids are more prone to sickness? His first winter was hell. Until we bought our first vapouriser. After borrowing a friends Vicks vapouriser and waking up in the morning to Brooklyn’s bedroom walls absolutely DRIPPING with water, I decided that was not for us. So I went with the other option, an ultrasonic vapouriser.

Ultrasonic? How does it work? Ultrasonic basically means that it uses tiny wee vibrations to make cool steam (rather than heat like a traditional vapouriser). So there is no heat component at all. It’s totally safe to touch and leaves NO condensation. NONE AT ALL! The no heat component was a biggy for me once he was in a bed and could get out and touch things.

I kid you not, from that moment Brooklyn did not get bronchiolitis that winter again! Yes, he still got sick. But his symptoms were no where near as bad as previous times, and I honestly do put it down to the vapouriser.

What does it even do? Adding moisture into the air helps to relieve cold/flu symptoms; helping clear blocked noses and soothing irritated/chesty coughs. Especially helpful with babies as their nostrils are so teeny that it only takes a little bit of snot to block it right up!

I love to put essential oils in our vapouriser! I’m all for trying everything and anything to help my wee ones get better ASAP, so no harm in using oils in it too! (though you do need to give it a clean after each use if you’re using oils) I get mine from The Modern Apothecary and use the following: Thieves – this is a blend of essential oils that is highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious. It literally kills all the germs flying around in the air! I put this one in during the day when the kids are sick. At night I use RC – (respiratory congestion) this one gives relief from colds, bronchial symptoms, sore throats, coughs, etc. I got RC with Brooklyn in mind, as he is the one that often gets asthma, croup and other nasty breathing issues. I’m loving them so far!

The other cool (no pun intended) thing I like about this particular vapouriser is that it runs most of the night. On intermittent setting (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) it runs approximately 8 hours!

I rave about these to everyone and truly do believe they’re an investment. If we had the kids in separate rooms, I would purchase another one. THAT is how much I rate them!

You can buy one HERE from Sleepytot (currently on sale for $99.95!) and Fiona also sells some oils that you can use in them too – so check them out. If you use the code SAVE15, it will give you 15% off storewide at Sleepytot including health products (excluding sale items), woohoo!

Any other questions, feel free to fire them my way and I will try my best to answer them for you! If you have questions about different essential oils – Jamie from The Modern Apothecary is your gal and has all the knowledge with that side of things.

J x

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