Meet Poppy


You met the five of us a couple of weeks ago, now we just have one more family member to introduce you to…

I never wanted one. We had one growing up and he was slightly annoying. So I never saw myself with one after that.

Two years ago someone did it… they sucked me in with cute photos of these little balls of fluff. They also added a guilt trip – they were strays. Sigh. Emails photos to husbands work email. They were ready to be picked up just before Christmas. Oh man guys… cute, fluffy, homeless, CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Ugh. It was inevitable. We were getting a kitten. I choose the fluffiest out of the lot. I picked her up two weeks before Christmas and took her straight to the vet for a check over. If she was a girl, I was going to name her Poppy. If a boy, his name would be Hulk (Brooklyn’s choice haha).

Meet Poppy…



Poppy is now almost two and we call her ‘the other kid’. Here is why our cat is like another child:

1. She cries/meows at ungodly hours.

Seriously. Between a baby, a toddler and a cat… we’re never going to have a full night’s sleep. Until the kids move out of home? Yawn! Poppy often comes in at 3am meowing for goodness knows what! What is with that? Why don’t they sleep all night? I repeat – yawn!

2. She always gets under our feet.

So I have a cat that I’m regularly tripping over, and a crawling baby that I’m also regularly tripping over. They both must assume I have eyes in the back of my head, because they often sneak up behind me and sit right where I’m about to step back. Come on kids! What’s the saying? Better door than a window? Yes, that’s Poppy and Marlo!

3. She plonks herself on our knee at the most inconvenient times.

I like cat cuddles! I won’t deny it. But whenever I want them, she’s found a more comfortable posy on the other couch. And when I don’t want them? Hi Poppy! How nice of you to join me!

4. She wants to sleep in/on your bed.

I know. I know it’s warm and comfy, and you clearly like that mink blanket – but we bought you a bed! It’s also minky and it cost us $20 so go and lay your fluffy little butt in that, not my bed! We’re not ‘cats on the bed’ kind of people and still don’t let her sleep on it, but she tries her luck!

5. This is probably the most important point.

She’s hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. Are they all the same? Poppy is not the kind to leave her bowl half full of food. She wolfs it all down in one sitting and then every time we walk into the kitchen, she meows at us again! Between her and Brooklyn, they’re going to eat us out of home!


Cue Fancy Feast to the rescue! Nothing grosses me out more than having a huge can of cat food in the fridge, so I’m all for the single serves! We’ve been working with Fancy Feast who gave Poppy a bunch of their food pouches and single serve cans to taste test. She LOVES them. The Fancy Feast range is so gourmet, that it almost makes you wonder if it’s cat food – or a morning tea treat for yourself. (Warning for sleep deprived mums: the food combos sound so nice I suggest having it in a separate cupboard to the human food or you might get confused one day…  though it is made from real ingredients, so I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt if you did eat one. Ha!) Honestly, I’m sure even the fussiest of cats would go for it. Poppy doesn’t even let it hit the bowl before she’s wolfing it down.

Giveaway copy.jpg

Do you have a fluffy (or not fluffy) family member of the cat kind? Fancy Feast has given us a bunch of cat treats to giveaway to one of our followers – yay! And because we couldn’t have you feeling left out, we’re giving away a $100 Prezzy Card too! Spend it on the cat… or yourself 😉 All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page and comment on the pinned post which links to this blog, telling me what the name of your cat is… or what you would call your cat if you had one. Hop to it!

J x

Note: As always, all opinions are honest and my own.


Thanks to Fancy Feast  for sponsoring this post. You can find out more about the Fancy Feast range HERE.


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