10 ideas for how to stay sane these school holidays

Uh oh! The school holidays are here! For me, it doesn’t make a difference as Brooklyn’s preschool runs right through… but we only have a year and a half left of enjoying that! Eeekk! For those who have the big kids home from school, or the little ones home from kindy – I’ve put together some ideas to keep you sane (or at least semi-sane) these school holidays.


  1. Hit the movies. The BFG is the must see movie these school holidays. We all remember the book as a child, don’t we? So take your kiddies along to check it out on film. It’s a beautiful story with a lovely message, perfect for all ages. I have a double pass to giveaway so head over to our Facebook page to enter!


  1. Do some baking. The key here is to get in the kitchen first and prep everything. Have most things measured out so that all their ‘helping’ consists of is pouring stuff into a bowl and stirring. A few ideas for you which are somewhat stress free (ish), I’ve linked them to my favourite recipes too – bliss balls (this is a fun one as they get to roll them!), choc chip cookies, chocolate crazy cake.


  1. Make some cloud dough. This is a super fast and easy playdough to make, with only two ingredients! It’s soft and smells delicious. I think I have more fun with it than Brooklyn does! One part conditioner (just buy the cheapest at the supermarket!) and two parts cornflour. Simple as that! You can split it into a couple of balls and add different coloured food colouring to each. Though not ideal for OCD Mummas as it will end up a pretty shade of brown afterwards 😉


  1. Have a picnic! Brooklyn loves having picnics. Even if you can’t make it out to a local park, putting a picnic blanket down in the backyard will totally suffice. This is a great activity for those of us with a small baby, you can do it while they nap and have one-on-one time with the older kid/s.


  1. Buy some play food and play shops. Kmart hooked us up with some play foods recently (only $19 for a 90 piece set!!) and the kids have loved playing with them! Brooklyn and Ivy pictured here with a Mini Made market stall set up. The babies have played with the food most days too, it’s also a great entertainer while mum cooks dinner!


  1. Make some bath paint and have a daytime bath. Crank the heater in the bathroom, strip the kids off, and throw them in with some bath paint to keep them occupied for a while. Easy to make, fun for the kids, and no clean up… that’s my idea of fun! I found an easy recipe here.


  1. Cupcake decorating. Bake up a basic cupcake recipe and a batch of buttercream icing. Split the icing into 3 bowls and add different food colourings to each bowl. Get some sprinkles and any other decorations you want. Look away! Haha I’m kidding… kind of. Pretty cupcakes are my thing, so it’s hard handing over the reigns to a 3.5 year old to make his creations… but they’re pretty proud of their (ugly) creations at the end of it, so it’s worth it.


  1. Subscribe to Moomookachoo for the second week of the holidays. A friend of mine Erana from The Culture of Grace gets these awesome craft boxes which I think are the coolest idea! You pay a monthly subscription fee and get sent one box a month full or crafts, recipes and activities to do with your little ones. Most things are included for the crafts which is ideal for the lazy Mum, like me. Also great for those that aren’t easily inspired with activity ideas of their own, this will give you loads!

  1. Make homemade pizzas. Either make homemade bases, or buy them – I ain’t judging ya! Get all the toppings cut up and ready, then let them go nuts. Dessert pizzas are always a fun treat too – think Nutella and marshmallows nom nom nom!


  1. Draw some pictures/write some cards and deliver them to their friends letter boxes. Buy or make some blank cards up and let your little one/s write their friends some notes, or draw them some pictures. Pop them into envelopes and go for a walk around the neighbourhood so that they can hand post them into their letterboxes. Or a drive, if you don’t live within walking distance.

Hopefully a few of these ideas will help you make it through the holidays alive! I also suggest adding coffee and/or wine to some (if not all) activities… for you of course 😉

J x

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post! Remember to check out The BFG trailer HERE.

#TheBFG #dreambignz


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