Winter with little people

I’ve had both kinds of sick babies.

Number 1: The one that picks up every little cold every winter, which turns into bronchiolitis, which lands them in hospital… then they grow out of that and it turns into croup. Then they’re diagnosed with asthma. They don’t sleep when they’re sick, they need to sleep on your chest – so you set up camp in the lounge and prepare yourself for what will be a night of little (if any) shuteye.

Number 2: They don’t pick up anything and everything… but even when they do get a cold – they sleep like a dream, smile and giggle as per usual, are basically their normal self just with a heck load of snot.

Those of you that have been following me for a while will be able to guess who is who. Number 1 being Brooklyn. I always say that I already feel sorry for his future wife – I can tell already that he’s going to be a chronic ‘man-flu-er’. And sweet baby Marlo is number 2; she just gets on with her little carefree life, snot and all.

However, no matter who is sick, it’s never fun. I’d prefer them to just never get sick, to be honest. But of course that is unavoidable. Especially when the toddler goes to preschool – it’s like a breeding ground for germs!

As a mum, it’s built into us to want what’s best for our babies. I feel like I’ve tried it all for Brooklyn. He often ends up with steroids when he gets a wee virus as it ramps up his asthma, but I try to avoid them unless really necessary. We’ve got a pretty good winter routine going now with some products (and medication) that I swear by for Brooklyn. We were lucky enough to be given some Comvita products to try out, and two of their Winter Wellness products have now been added to my ‘winter with little people must-haves’ list, which I will tell you about below.

Photo 27-07-16, 9 21 27 AM copy.jpg

The Winter Wellness range by Comvita is made up of 13 products, ranging from lozenges, to oral sprays, to elixirs and more. Comvita products are all 100% natural and though they have some products specially marketed for the children, the rest of the range is totally suitable for anyone over the age of 2! The key ingredient in the whole Winter Wellness range being Manuka Honey…

New Zealand Manuka has long been valued for its health-maintaining effects and Manuka Honey is gaining worldwide recognition for its unique properties and for supporting respiratory health.’

Introducing my new favourite two products for me:

Photo 27-07-16, 9 19 06 AM.jpg

1.  Manuka Honey and Blackcurrant Elixir – This is an all-in-one formula to support the immune system and encourage winter wellness. There is nothing worse than Mum (or Dad) being down when the kids are down, so I’ll do everything I can to help avoid the bugs! Two teaspoons, two times a day for me!

2. Oral Spray – This is a special blend of Manuka Honey, Propolis and essential oils (Peppermint, Aniseed, Myrrh and Menthol) and is made to help maintain oral hygiene… it tastes nice and it makes my breath smell good – enough said 😉

Enough about me,  back to the little people…

My favourite two products for Brooklyn have been:

Photo 15-07-16, 3 39 21 PM.jpg

1. Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir – Strawberry Flavour. This is a similar concept to the all-in-one formula that I mentioned above, but is specifically designed for kids (over the age of 2). It tastes delicious so it’s not at all hard to administer (woohoo!) and is designed to support the immune system. Brooklyn has been having two teaspoons every day.

2. Children’s Lemon and Honey Lollipops – yes, you read that right… lollipops! Brooklyn ate his way through the packet rather quickly when he had a sore throat and cough a couple of weeks ago. He keeps asking for ‘those yellow lollipops’ most days, then pairs his request with a fake cough to help with his case. They were a hit! Again – super easy to administer, what kid doesn’t like lollipops?!

I need to order some more lollipops stat! And if you want to too, you can check out the Winter Wellness range HERE and enter ‘Comvita2016’ at checkout for 20% off the Comvita Winter Wellness range until 22 August 2016.

Pair these products with my ever favourite Ultrasonic Vaporiser (I’ve blogged about that HERE), some essential oils to put in it… and here’s to a healthier winter!

Thanks Comvita for letting us try your awesome products! We’re hooked!

J x


Note: Ironically; I wrote this post before our horrific week of sickness with Marlo that we’ve just had, where she was the total opposite of how I described her above. Doh! I think I jinxed it!

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