We were lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful wood watch recently by JORD. And by ‘we’, I actually mean ‘the husband’. I was a nice wifey and chose a mens one, as I’m not a huge watch wearer myself and they’re so amazing looking – I didn’t want to waste one on myself. Nare however, wears a watch loads so I knew it would be better used on his wrist.



These watches are nothing like I’ve seen before! Beautifully crafted, beautifully packaged, and just stunning to look at! We chose a watch from the ‘Frankie’ series, in the colour ‘Koa & Ash’ – a medium coloured wood with a grey face and dark charcoal features. I thought this would look awesome against Nare’s tanned arms (I was right, see below)… though I’m sure it looks amazing on non-tanned arms too 😉


These watches are surprisingly light, that’s the first thing Nare pointed out – how comfy and light it was. He’s been wearing it for around a month now, and though he’s been saving it for ‘good’ (weekend wear, etc) – it seems to be wearing really well. No scratches to the face and no knocks to the wood as yet. He has been getting loads of compliments from all of his friends and they’ve been hinting to their other halves for Christmas present ideas 😉



Pretty packaging is my thing. And Jord did not disappoint! Seriously – look at the box it came in!! Actually amazing, I was so impressed – as was Nare. And because he doesn’t wear it to work, he pops it away in it’s box which sits on his dressing table. And I don’t even care, because look at it! All the heart eyes! The box has a wee hidden drawer at the bottom which holds the extra links for the watch – as it comes perfectly sized when you give them your wrist measurements.


Agree with me that this is the most amazing watch you’ve ever seen? Want to get one for the man in your life? Or one for yourself? They have a beautiful womans range too – you can check it out HERE.

We have a quick fire giveaway for a $75 voucher to be spent on JORD Wood Watches! Woohoo! All you need to do is click HERE TO ENTER and follow the prompts. The winner will automatically be drawn this Friday (4th Nov) night. And even better… EVERYONE that enters will automatically be sent a $20 OFF CODE! Now’s the time to buy one for a Christmas present! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING too!

J x

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