3 ingredient super yummy iceblocks

We make these a lot and I often get asked on Snapchat for the recipe, but I feel like it’s not even a recipe… it’s literally only 3 ingredients! But seeing as my kids love them, and they’re healthy… it is worth sharing 🙌🏼


  • 1 can of coconut cream
  • 1 large banana
  • Fresh berries (of any kind)


  • Blitz together coconut cream and banana using a blender/bullet.
  • Add a few fresh berries to the bottom of each ice block mould.
  • Pour coconut + banana mixture over the top.
  • Freeze.
  • Enjoy.

That is literally it! So perfect for hot days, or not hot days where you just want some toddler silence for 10 mins 😉 We used fresh raspberries in these ones, but they’re delish with kiwifruit, blue berries, heck – anything! You could even do a mixture!

Moulds above are from The Warehouse – pack of 6 for $8 👌🏼

J x

Back to pre-school with The Warehouse

Woohooooooo Brooklyn’s back at pre-school! Yes I’m excited, and no he was not haha! Surprise surprise! I love the kid, but I also love it when he goes to pre-school, and Nare has been back at work for a week now so I’m more than ready for some Marlo + Mum time.

We were super lucky this summer and were gifted a voucher from The Warehouse, to go and get Brooklyn all sorted for starting back at pre-school today! So I thought I’d show you what we got. I’m super impressed with the boys range of clothes and accessories at the moment, they’re super stylish and affordable… and when you live in a small town like we do – you really appreciate that because we don’t have many kids clothing stores!

Brooklyn goes to pre-school 3 days a week, so that was my starting point for the clothing – 3 tees + 3 pairs of shorts. I chose items that could interchange with each other… I know, I know… the colour pallet isn’t overly exciting – but it’s the kind of style I like and Brooklyn honestly doesn’t give two hoots what he wears, lucky me 😉


I chose 2 pairs of elastic waist chinos ($18 each), and 1 pair of super stretchy denim shorts ($23- I think) with a dome that I know he’ll be able to do up himself. I also picked a pair of boardies ($15) as they do lots of water play in summer at pre-school so they can stay in his bag for those times. I loved that lots of the tees at The Warehouse at the moment have the drop back hem! Butt crack be gone 😉 All 3 that I picked have that style hem (plain tee $8, contrast sleeve tees $12 each).  A 3 pack of Bonds trunks ($14), a 4 pack of Bonds ankle socks ($15), a printed bucket hat – essential for pre-school ($12), a pair of closed in slip-on shoes ($10) and a pair of jandles ($4).



For a backpack – I chose this ‘Vintage Junior Backpack’. Retailing for only $15 and it’s the perfect pre-school size. The also have this exact style (in different colours too) in a bigger size which would be a perfect school bag. I love that it has the little drink holder on the outside too. Brooklyn has never had his own backpack before now… the bag he used last year was actually mine *wait for it* from INTERMEDIATE! Whaaaaaat?! YES! Intermediate! It’s THAT old! haha!


Lunchbox wise – I thought we’d give the Sistema Quaddie ($10) a go. You know I’m a bit of a lunchbox fanatic, anything with different compartments I love! We have loads of Sistema stuff already so thought we’d try this one out. Will report back! I also got these little Sistema containers ($8 for the set of 3) to use with the lunchbox. Yes… that is a licensed drink bottle ($14). HOLD. THE. PHONE. I had to cave and let him pick something himself hahaha! So drink bottle it was 😉 And for hot post-preschool days -these Living & Co rocket shaped ice block moulds ($8 for a set of 6)!


The start of the year is also the perfect opportunity to have a good clean out of the arts + crafts supplies and replace the old broken stuff with newbies. We had a bunch of old crayons – half broken, half chewed by Marlo. So new crayons ($15) were on the list, twistable so that Marlo is less likely to eat them! I also threw out the horrible, cheap felt tips that we had which were NOT WASHABLE *gasp* and replaced them with a shiny new pack of washable Crayola markers ($13). At Brooklyn’s pre-school – once the kids turn 4, they have to “sign in” their own name at the door. He has a long-ish name, so we better get practising! He’s sussed the B and the O’s but that’s about it. haha! So I got him some pens ($2) and a notebook ($10) for practising in.


Thanks to The Warehouse for letting us do some back-to-preschool shopping! Brooklyn is all sorted and it was super stress-free being able to do it all in one shop.

J x

The daunting parenting task of choosing Christmas traditions.

As a parent of young children, the time eventually comes where you are faced with the idea of Christmas traditions. Will you have them? What will they be? It’s all a bit overwhelming, well I find it is anyway. There’s so many different ideas these days and what works for one family, won’t work for another. However – there’s no need to feel obliged to do certain traditions just because you see it all over social media *cough* elf on the shelf *cough*, you do what works for your family! Your children are not and will not be deprived because they have different traditions to their friends, it’s all part of growing up! Then there’s the santa debate too… which we’ll save for another day 😉

Real tree? Fake tree? … washi tape tree?

I love seeing what other people do at their place, but that we don’t – Christmas Eve boxes for example! I really do enjoy seeing what other people put in theirs for their kiddies, just because we don’t do them doesn’t mean I don’t like the idea. So on that note – here are a few Christmas traditions that I see a lot of at the moment. We don’t do all of them, but I thought I’d share them anyway… maybe they’ll inspire a new Christmas tradition at your house for next year?

Advent Calendar:
From the good ol’ cheap-o chocolate ones (this is what we have this year!) to the amazing hand made ones, there’s so many different kinds of advent calendars you can use! Or none at all, if that floats your boat more so 😉 They could have treats in them, different activities, a mixture of them both… whatever the heck you like!


Elf on the Shelf:
Traditionally using a slightly creepy looking elf in a red outfit (personal opinion, don’t hate me!) – Elf comes out the morning of Dec 1st and hangs out until Christmas Eve, they traditionally help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists by reporting back to him at the North Pole nightly. Though the one at our house doesn’t, haha! He is just here for the fun, though I did use Otto to try and bribe Brooklyn to stay in bed… didn’t work. There’s some uber cute custom elves out there now too!



Christmas Box:
Not a tradition we do (yet) – but I love seeing the special things that others put in theirs. Some do a ‘Christmas box’ for the whole of Dec, some a ‘Christmas Eve box’ to be given on Christmas Eve. The Christmas Eve box usually includes something along the lines of new PJs, a Christmas DVD, hot chocolate or something to eat/drink whilst watching the movie, etc.



Want, Need, Wear, Read:
This has been hugely popular this year, and this year being the first year of this tradition for our family. It was so much less stressful than usual and really kept me in line and not going nuts on millions of Christmas presents! Definitely simplified Christmas buying for us! It’s exactly that – something they ‘want’, something they ‘need’, something to ‘wear’ and something to ‘read’. Easy peasy!



What is a Christmas tradition that your family does? Is it one of the above? Or something else? Or none?

J x


#ElfaShelfa2016 WEEK ONE WINNERS

#ElfaShelfa2016 WEEK ONE WINNERS

Wow! What a week (longer than a week, but whatever!)! You guys have tagged us in the most amazing entries and we’ve had such a hard time picking the winners! We’re so impressed by the creativity and the beautiful photos, you’re all amazing! Hope your kids have been having a fun time searching for their cheeky elves each morning too.

A huge thank you to our week one sponsors, everyone came on board super last minute when Charlotte and I decided to run ElfaShelfa this year – so thanks a bunch to the beautiful brands that made it happen!

So without further delays… here is your week one winners!

Day 1 – Winner of beautiful custom elf from @donnabdesign:Day1.jpg

Day 2 – Winner of a $50 Buck & Baa voucher:


Day 3: Winner of a pair of Bobux shoes from their new range:


Day 4 – Winner of a custom Christmas outfit from Owl & Monkey:


Day 5 – Winner of an amazing fudge pack from Magnolia Kitchen:


Day 6 – Winner of a $50 voucher from Pop Roc Parties:


Day 7 – Winner of a beautiful felt ball Christmas wreath from Sheepish Design:

day 7.jpg

Day 8 – Winner of a storage bag and fairy door from Little Lights Co:

Day 9 – Winner of a selection of Christmas books from Global Baby:


Day 10 – Winner of a pair of adult Lulu’s from Lulu Avarcas:


That’s a wrap! Congratulations to all of the winners so far, and hopefully you’re all still playing along for week 2 which is well underway and also full of epic prizes as you can see below…


If you’re a lucky winner from week 1 – please email jordymaydesign@gmail.com with your name and postal address + the prize you have won in the subject line.

To see the full list of sponsors, prizes and how to play – you can visit Charlotte’s blog HERE with all the info.

We’re also giving away a special prize for a ‘Random Act of Kindness’… this doesn’t have to be elf related, but you do need to tag us and the sponsor of the beautiful prize: @withthewhittakers, @little_hepburn + @littlebelleaustralia.
Jordan + Charlotte x

10 Gifts for the husband who you struggle to buy for + giveaway

My husband isn’t overly fussy, never complains at what I buy for him… yet I always struggle to think of things. Especially things in a certain price range. I was introduced to Not Socks and spent so long trawling through the pages having a good ol’ LOL at some of the gifts. They literally have everything! Not just for husbands, they have kids gifts, gifts for Mums, gifts for your Uncle, wedding gifts… you name it, they no doubt have it. How have I not come across this website before?!

I’ve picked out 10 things that I would buy for my husband, some practical, some things for summer and some for a laugh. Hopefully you can get inspiration here too, and get everything you need for Christmas 2016…


We’re planning to buy ourselves a BBQ this summer, as it’s our first year ever with a deck and open plan living! So it’s a given, right? Summer dinners here we come! I thought this ‘Smoke and Flames’ book would be perfect for inspiring our summer BBQs. 


We loooooove homemade burgers! Definitely a staple on our fortnightly meal plan throughout summer. Paired with kumara fries or wedges of course! This burger stuffer is something any meat loving man would love! Meat + cheese… need I say more?


Another staple for summer BBQs. My husband the ‘roast’ guy, my Mum always fobs off cooking roasts to him when we go and stay with them. So of course that’s his job at home too! We’ll be having roast lamb on Christmas Day and a ham on my Birthday, so he definitely ‘needs’ one of these digital thermometers!


This bottle opener would perfect for living beside the BBQ. There’s nothing worse than bottle caps floating around the place, especially with a one year old that puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!!


I always think back to before I had a smartphone, I used to print directions from Google maps and study it before I’d leave home so that I didn’t have to be reading the paper while I was driving… Oh how far we’ve come! We’re chronic ‘maps app’ users so this dash smart phone holder would be super handy for the car! Okay this is possibly a present for me but whatever, he can use it sometimes 😉


Speaking of the car… We have kids and our car very quickly turns into a bomb site! My husband hates it (so do I, but I also have less cares to give about it than he does #MumLife) so this car boot organiser would be perfect to keep in our boot to store all the junk we have floating around in there.


Now for a couple of practical items. First off this water mirror. Military = no stubble = shave everyday in the shower. And also = missing spots regularly HAHA! I think I’ve written ‘this would be perfect’ lots already… but seriously… THIS WOULD BE PERFECT for my husband!


Second practical item being this power bank phone charger. This is possibly another present for me but I’ll let him take it away with him when he goes away haha (often), because his phone always goes flat! Or does it… *turns phone off so that he doesn’t have to talk to me* 😉


I don’t even think this needs a caption. One word – MALE. Brooklyn would love spraying his Dad with this fart extinguisher haha!


I couldn’t NOT add this one in here, I snapchatted this ‘anti bull sh*t spray’ and so many people replied saying how hilarious it is. I agree! My husband sometimes comes home with what could be ‘better work stories’ which we have a good laugh about (and an eye roll), so I think he should keep some of this on his desk. Hahahah! Could you imagine it? Okay maybe not appropriate but oh so funny!

That’s a wrap! 10 gifts for the husband you struggle to buy for!

Now, how would you like to win a $50 e-voucher for Not Socks? It’s easy peasy to enter…

  1. Click HERE.
  2. Find something that you would buy a man in your life (can be any man – Dad, Grandpa…)
  3. Head to my Facebook page and tell me what the item is.
  4. Done!

You’re in the draw! Thanks Not Socks for making this post possible, and for introducing me to easy shopping that is your website!

J x


Don’t forget about you, Mama

I don’t know about you – but I’m constantly trying to convince my kids to eat their fruit and veg. Smoothies, sneaking grated veg into dinners, trying to make it as appealing as possible because I know it’s good for them. But me? Meh! I can barely remember lunch most days! I’m not a breakfast person so I definitely don’t start my day with the goods… then I usually have a mid morning snack… then I forget about lunch… then come dinner time I’m STARVING so pig out on dinner and post-dinner snacks. So ideal, right? NOT!

It’s so hard to remember that I need to look after myself too. I’m much too busy worrying about the little people in my life than to worry about what I’m putting into my own body. So when I got asked to be part of this V8 Fruit & Veggie Juice campaign and try out some of their new flavours, I was 100% in there keen as a bean!

I’ve often run the idea of juicing through my head – lots of people do it, it seems so healthy and a great way to top up your daily fruit and veg in ya in one glass… but let’s be honest – I’m too lazy for that. And cleaning a juicer doesn’t sound like something I can be bothered doing along with the rest of my morning routine.

What I DO like the sound of however, is all of the above BUT not having to do it myself! All done, bottled, and ready for me to pour into a glass. The perfect way for a busy Mama to start her morning, without having to think too hard/at all. It’s not overly expensive either – I worked it out to be approx $1 per 250ml glass. $1 for one serve of fruit and one serve of veggies is pretty good if you ask me! Done and dusted at breakfast!

So I’ve been doing exactly that – one 250ml glass every morning. I was a bit worried that I’d be able to taste the ‘veggie’ component/s, but you can’t at all, just tastes like a yummy fruit juice. My favourite so far is the ‘Forest Fruits’ flavour – made up of apple, pear, purple carrot, strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon, pomegranate, elderberry, sweet potato and raspberry. Super yummy!

How have I found it? Well considering I’m not normally a breakfast person, I’ve been enjoying sipping away at my morning juice. I’ve noticed I haven’t been peckish mid morning after filling up on a juice first up in the morning, and therefore I’m actually hungry at lunch time… and in turn, I’m not overly starving at dinner time. So it’s benefiting me in the way that I’m actually eating normal meals, at normal times of the day. I’ve also noticed less post-dinner snacking. This is a huge one for me as I’ve previously been terrible at doing it.

At the same time as starting having a glass of juice every morning, I also gave up coffee. Yes – call me crazy! But you know what? I’m actually no more tired than I was before! Is it the juice? Is my body/brain coping better with less caffeine and more fruit + veg? Maybe! Sure seems like it!

How do you start you day? Are you a breakfast person? Or were you like me and just ‘forget’/run out of time? Don’t forget that you too need to fuel your body with good stuff. To stay well and active so that you can give your little ones your 100%. Don’t forget about you, Mama.

J x

Huge thanks for V8 Fruit & Veggie for sponsoring this post and giving me some yummy juices to try!