Don’t forget about you, Mama

I don’t know about you – but I’m constantly trying to convince my kids to eat their fruit and veg. Smoothies, sneaking grated veg into dinners, trying to make it as appealing as possible because I know it’s good for them. But me? Meh! I can barely remember lunch most days! I’m not a breakfast person so I definitely don’t start my day with the goods… then I usually have a mid morning snack… then I forget about lunch… then come dinner time I’m STARVING so pig out on dinner and post-dinner snacks. So ideal, right? NOT!

It’s so hard to remember that I need to look after myself too. I’m much too busy worrying about the little people in my life than to worry about what I’m putting into my own body. So when I got asked to be part of this V8 Fruit & Veggie Juice campaign and try out some of their new flavours, I was 100% in there keen as a bean!

I’ve often run the idea of juicing through my head – lots of people do it, it seems so healthy and a great way to top up your daily fruit and veg in ya in one glass… but let’s be honest – I’m too lazy for that. And cleaning a juicer doesn’t sound like something I can be bothered doing along with the rest of my morning routine.

What I DO like the sound of however, is all of the above BUT not having to do it myself! All done, bottled, and ready for me to pour into a glass. The perfect way for a busy Mama to start her morning, without having to think too hard/at all. It’s not overly expensive either – I worked it out to be approx $1 per 250ml glass. $1 for one serve of fruit and one serve of veggies is pretty good if you ask me! Done and dusted at breakfast!

So I’ve been doing exactly that – one 250ml glass every morning. I was a bit worried that I’d be able to taste the ‘veggie’ component/s, but you can’t at all, just tastes like a yummy fruit juice. My favourite so far is the ‘Forest Fruits’ flavour – made up of apple, pear, purple carrot, strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon, pomegranate, elderberry, sweet potato and raspberry. Super yummy!

How have I found it? Well considering I’m not normally a breakfast person, I’ve been enjoying sipping away at my morning juice. I’ve noticed I haven’t been peckish mid morning after filling up on a juice first up in the morning, and therefore I’m actually hungry at lunch time… and in turn, I’m not overly starving at dinner time. So it’s benefiting me in the way that I’m actually eating normal meals, at normal times of the day. I’ve also noticed less post-dinner snacking. This is a huge one for me as I’ve previously been terrible at doing it.

At the same time as starting having a glass of juice every morning, I also gave up coffee. Yes – call me crazy! But you know what? I’m actually no more tired than I was before! Is it the juice? Is my body/brain coping better with less caffeine and more fruit + veg? Maybe! Sure seems like it!

How do you start you day? Are you a breakfast person? Or were you like me and just ‘forget’/run out of time? Don’t forget that you too need to fuel your body with good stuff. To stay well and active so that you can give your little ones your 100%. Don’t forget about you, Mama.

J x

Huge thanks for V8 Fruit & Veggie for sponsoring this post and giving me some yummy juices to try!

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