10 Gifts for the husband who you struggle to buy for + giveaway

My husband isn’t overly fussy, never complains at what I buy for him… yet I always struggle to think of things. Especially things in a certain price range. I was introduced to Not Socks and spent so long trawling through the pages having a good ol’ LOL at some of the gifts. They literally have everything! Not just for husbands, they have kids gifts, gifts for Mums, gifts for your Uncle, wedding gifts… you name it, they no doubt have it. How have I not come across this website before?!

I’ve picked out 10 things that I would buy for my husband, some practical, some things for summer and some for a laugh. Hopefully you can get inspiration here too, and get everything you need for Christmas 2016…


We’re planning to buy ourselves a BBQ this summer, as it’s our first year ever with a deck and open plan living! So it’s a given, right? Summer dinners here we come! I thought this ‘Smoke and Flames’ book would be perfect for inspiring our summer BBQs. 


We loooooove homemade burgers! Definitely a staple on our fortnightly meal plan throughout summer. Paired with kumara fries or wedges of course! This burger stuffer is something any meat loving man would love! Meat + cheese… need I say more?


Another staple for summer BBQs. My husband the ‘roast’ guy, my Mum always fobs off cooking roasts to him when we go and stay with them. So of course that’s his job at home too! We’ll be having roast lamb on Christmas Day and a ham on my Birthday, so he definitely ‘needs’ one of these digital thermometers!


This bottle opener would perfect for living beside the BBQ. There’s nothing worse than bottle caps floating around the place, especially with a one year old that puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!!


I always think back to before I had a smartphone, I used to print directions from Google maps and study it before I’d leave home so that I didn’t have to be reading the paper while I was driving… Oh how far we’ve come! We’re chronic ‘maps app’ users so this dash smart phone holder would be super handy for the car! Okay this is possibly a present for me but whatever, he can use it sometimes 😉


Speaking of the car… We have kids and our car very quickly turns into a bomb site! My husband hates it (so do I, but I also have less cares to give about it than he does #MumLife) so this car boot organiser would be perfect to keep in our boot to store all the junk we have floating around in there.


Now for a couple of practical items. First off this water mirror. Military = no stubble = shave everyday in the shower. And also = missing spots regularly HAHA! I think I’ve written ‘this would be perfect’ lots already… but seriously… THIS WOULD BE PERFECT for my husband!


Second practical item being this power bank phone charger. This is possibly another present for me but I’ll let him take it away with him when he goes away haha (often), because his phone always goes flat! Or does it… *turns phone off so that he doesn’t have to talk to me* 😉


I don’t even think this needs a caption. One word – MALE. Brooklyn would love spraying his Dad with this fart extinguisher haha!


I couldn’t NOT add this one in here, I snapchatted this ‘anti bull sh*t spray’ and so many people replied saying how hilarious it is. I agree! My husband sometimes comes home with what could be ‘better work stories’ which we have a good laugh about (and an eye roll), so I think he should keep some of this on his desk. Hahahah! Could you imagine it? Okay maybe not appropriate but oh so funny!

That’s a wrap! 10 gifts for the husband you struggle to buy for!

Now, how would you like to win a $50 e-voucher for Not Socks? It’s easy peasy to enter…

  1. Click HERE.
  2. Find something that you would buy a man in your life (can be any man – Dad, Grandpa…)
  3. Head to my Facebook page and tell me what the item is.
  4. Done!

You’re in the draw! Thanks Not Socks for making this post possible, and for introducing me to easy shopping that is your website!

J x


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