Back to pre-school with The Warehouse

Woohooooooo Brooklyn’s back at pre-school! Yes I’m excited, and no he was not haha! Surprise surprise! I love the kid, but I also love it when he goes to pre-school, and Nare has been back at work for a week now so I’m more than ready for some Marlo + Mum time.

We were super lucky this summer and were gifted a voucher from The Warehouse, to go and get Brooklyn all sorted for starting back at pre-school today! So I thought I’d show you what we got. I’m super impressed with the boys range of clothes and accessories at the moment, they’re super stylish and affordable… and when you live in a small town like we do – you really appreciate that because we don’t have many kids clothing stores!

Brooklyn goes to pre-school 3 days a week, so that was my starting point for the clothing – 3 tees + 3 pairs of shorts. I chose items that could interchange with each other… I know, I know… the colour pallet isn’t overly exciting – but it’s the kind of style I like and Brooklyn honestly doesn’t give two hoots what he wears, lucky me 😉


I chose 2 pairs of elastic waist chinos ($18 each), and 1 pair of super stretchy denim shorts ($23- I think) with a dome that I know he’ll be able to do up himself. I also picked a pair of boardies ($15) as they do lots of water play in summer at pre-school so they can stay in his bag for those times. I loved that lots of the tees at The Warehouse at the moment have the drop back hem! Butt crack be gone 😉 All 3 that I picked have that style hem (plain tee $8, contrast sleeve tees $12 each).  A 3 pack of Bonds trunks ($14), a 4 pack of Bonds ankle socks ($15), a printed bucket hat – essential for pre-school ($12), a pair of closed in slip-on shoes ($10) and a pair of jandles ($4).



For a backpack – I chose this ‘Vintage Junior Backpack’. Retailing for only $15 and it’s the perfect pre-school size. The also have this exact style (in different colours too) in a bigger size which would be a perfect school bag. I love that it has the little drink holder on the outside too. Brooklyn has never had his own backpack before now… the bag he used last year was actually mine *wait for it* from INTERMEDIATE! Whaaaaaat?! YES! Intermediate! It’s THAT old! haha!


Lunchbox wise – I thought we’d give the Sistema Quaddie ($10) a go. You know I’m a bit of a lunchbox fanatic, anything with different compartments I love! We have loads of Sistema stuff already so thought we’d try this one out. Will report back! I also got these little Sistema containers ($8 for the set of 3) to use with the lunchbox. Yes… that is a licensed drink bottle ($14). HOLD. THE. PHONE. I had to cave and let him pick something himself hahaha! So drink bottle it was 😉 And for hot post-preschool days -these Living & Co rocket shaped ice block moulds ($8 for a set of 6)!


The start of the year is also the perfect opportunity to have a good clean out of the arts + crafts supplies and replace the old broken stuff with newbies. We had a bunch of old crayons – half broken, half chewed by Marlo. So new crayons ($15) were on the list, twistable so that Marlo is less likely to eat them! I also threw out the horrible, cheap felt tips that we had which were NOT WASHABLE *gasp* and replaced them with a shiny new pack of washable Crayola markers ($13). At Brooklyn’s pre-school – once the kids turn 4, they have to “sign in” their own name at the door. He has a long-ish name, so we better get practising! He’s sussed the B and the O’s but that’s about it. haha! So I got him some pens ($2) and a notebook ($10) for practising in.


Thanks to The Warehouse for letting us do some back-to-preschool shopping! Brooklyn is all sorted and it was super stress-free being able to do it all in one shop.

J x

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