A letter to my future self

Dear Future Self,

I hope you’re well. I hope you’re busy, but also taking time to yourself for things that YOU like to do. I hope you talk to your kids often, and tell them that you love them. Even your Grandkids? Show them that you care, make time for them. But also make time for yourself. I hope you’ve been on a holiday with your husband lately, have you? If you just shook your head, then go and book one right now. Anywhere, just go.

This year, two thousand and sixteen, you bought your first home with your husband and two kids. Your life is good. It’s perfect, actually. You’re healthy, you’re a stay-at-home Mum to your two beautiful children in your amazing first home, life couldn’t be better. Your priority is your family, and that’s just the way you like it. They come first, always.

Buying your first home was scary, getting a mortgage was scary… that amount of money was SCARY! During the process you had a meeting about getting your life insurance up to date because now that you owned a home and had another baby, you would need more than before. You were asked some questions that made you think… ‘if you died, would your husband be able to take time off to look after the kids?’, ‘Would he be able to be off work and continue paying the mortgage?’, ‘Would you even want him to have to pay the mortgage?’ ‘What would happen if you got too sick to care for your kids?’. You hadn’t thought about these kinds of things before. You got flustered and teary during the meeting, thinking of all the ‘what ifs’. You were told that there wasn’t anything you could do to change the future, but be prepared and ensure that things would be well looked after if anything did happen. So that’s what you did.

It was a weight off your shoulders.

Future Self, know that some days are difficult. They are riddled with self-doubt and fear. But don’t fret, don’t dwell on it… go outside and get some fresh air, tell yourself how awesome you are, and continue to be the amazing person that you strive to be.

Spend time with people that build you up, that make you happy. Don’t waste time on negative people that will only bring you down, you don’t need them in your life. Be content with what you have, don’t compare yourself to others. Be envious and encouraging instead of jealous and bitter.

And most of all… love harder.

J x

Thinking and writing this made me feel so at peace with the fact that I know my future self, and my family in the future, will always be looked after. Did you know that New Zealanders are amongst the most under insured populations in the world? Isn’t that terrible? We either don’t have it or we don’t have the right type of cover. I get it – it’s hard to spend money on something that doesn’t “give you anything back” but, for the cost of a bottle of wine a month, you could secure your future. It’s really that simple.

So my question to YOU is: will your future self be looked after? If the answer is NO then I highly recommend you click HERE which will take you through to Sovereign’s website where you can find out more information on the types of cover you need. Make it happen, guys. I know it’s one of those ‘things’ that gets shoved to the end of the ‘to do’ list, but please take some time to get it sorted – your future self won’t regret it!


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Thank you Sovereign NZ for sponsoring this post – and hopefully giving someone the push that they needed, to secure their future!

Just another ‘average Mum’

I saw this term used today, referring to some clothing that someone claimed is  “too expensive for the average Mum”.
It got me thinking… What makes an average Mum? Am I average? Are you average? Seriously, what is this ‘average Mum’ category?

So I’m over here thinking I’m just another ‘average Mum’, but this person who commented the above – obviously thinks I’m not. Because ironically I’m wearing the garment in question, in my Facebook profile picture. So she is average, and I’m not. Right? No, wrong. 

We are on one income. My husband works to pay the bills and support us. We own a home, we have a mortgage, we pay house/contents/car/life insurances. Sounds pretty average to me – right? Yes I do some paid blog work, but I tell you – it’s far from a full time job/income, because I have children and don’t have enough time to make it one. It’s great having a little extra money – not gonna lie… and when it comes in, it is usually spent on stuff for the kids or stuff for the house that we’ve been wanting. Still sounds pretty average, yeah? 

I on-sell my kids clothes that they’ve grown out of, to build up some money to purchase new stuff for the next season. Again – I’m sure this is a done thing and pretty average. 

My husband and I don’t buy a lot of clothes for ourselves. I get gifted the odd garments, which I am always so grateful for. But other than that, I shop at places like Cotton On – average places. 

My husband, the amazing man he is… knows how much I love the Love Knot War items I’ve been gifted in the past. So for my Birthday and Christmas he bought me a few of their dresses. He put them on layby and paid them off in small amounts as he could and so that I wouldn’t notice it in our bank statements. I had no clue! Clever, clever and average. Obviously I don’t think my husband is average, I think he’s amazing and I was blown away that he put so much thought into 3 beautiful garments – but what I’m saying is that he used a layby system just like your average jo. 

My point… I’m just another ‘average Mum’. I’m just as ‘average’ as the next woman walking down the street. We’re an ‘average’ one income family just doing their best. 

Actually, that’s not my point! My point is: there is no ‘average Mum’! I’m the same as the next Mum, we’re just a normal one income family doing our best. If you can’t afford that expensive dress and it’s not a priority to layby one or save for one – that’s totally cool! But please don’t put yourself in a different category to me or anyone else, and claim that you’re therefore an ‘average Mum’. Because you’re not! You’re a Mum. Full stop. You put your children above yourself, just like the rest of us. You *heart eyes* at lots of different things you’d love to buy yourself. You fill up your online shopping cart, cancel out of it, then go and buy something that your kids need. You’re a Mum, I’m a Mum. 

J x

Thoughts on the Clek Foonf convertable carseat

The New Zealand distributor for Clek approached us a few months back to see if we would like to give a Clek Foonf carseat a go and write a review on it, I’d seen these carseats before (they’re quite memorable being so darn pretty!) and I loved the idea of having another slimline carseat rather than the ‘space ship’ we called Marlo’s carseat. So obviously we took her up on the offer! We’ve been using the seat rear facing for Marlo, since it arrived, and now that we’ve given it a good trial – I thought it was about time I gave you our thoughts…

** disclaimer: I am not a carseat technician, nor do I have lots of knowledge in the carseat world. These are purely my thoughts based on our use of the seat in comparison to the other two types of carseats we have owned. I am aware that the chest clip is not in the ideal place on Brooklyn in the photos – however he is only in the garage so don’t fret/judge me 😉  **


Marlo – 15 months old

A little bit about the seat first… Clek call the Foonf ‘The mother of all car seats’. It is literally the only car seat your child will need. The Foonf has the most advanced safety technology, meaning that a 3 yr old ff has similar forces in a crash as if they were rear facing (which was an industry first). It is designed to rear face up until four years old, is super slim line (you can fit 3 across!) and comes in a beautiful range of colours. It uses REACT (rigid latch energy absorbing crumple technology) which absorbs the crash forces instead of your child. You can click HERE to see/read more about it and in depth specifications and what not. 

My favourite features:

The rear facing angle adjuster. We’ve always had to use rolled up towels to get a correct install of our previous carseat when rear-facing. So to have this part (which comes with the seat) which easily clips on and gives the seat the perfect rear facing angle – is awesome! It does make the seat quite high, but it’s not an issue.


The anti-rebound bar. ‘When in rear facing mode (it isn’t used in forward facing mode), this provides extra stability of the seat, limiting rotation of the seat.’ It’s so easy to get a snug install with the rebound bar holding it still, and of course it would be extra protection in the case of a collision.


Slimline. This carseat is super narrow which I love, its the same width as the Diono RXT – so yes! You can fit 3 across! It is 43.2cms at it’s widest. Marlo previously had an Evenflo Symphony (the ‘spaceship’) which basically made the middle seat in the back unusable… so it’s nice to be able to use it again – even if it can only fit skinny bums 😉 You can see it’s slighly slimmer than our Diono Olympia (Brooklyn’s seat) as it goes straight up rather than slanting out slightly like the top of the Olympia does. We have a Mitubishi Outlander, for reference.


Isofix. Having a car that enables the use of ISOFIX, I would never own a carseat that doesn’t have it. SO easy to get a snug installation without taking it to a tech and not a total pain in the butt if you need to take it in and out.

The look. Okay it’s pretty obvious that this seat is no doubt the most beautiful of all carseats, I mean heeelllloooo you only have to look at it to realise that! I especially love this colour (cloud) with the white back. but there are loads of other funky colour ways too! Also note the wipable fabric, which I have tried (think cherry picking masacre) – and it wipes clean so easily!


A few people asked to see some photos of Brooklyn in the seat – so here they are. Headrest is obviously moved up for him and it isn’t reclined. This also shows the seat sitting in the car in a forward facing position. You can see it sits quite a lot higher than our other seat, not a negative or positive – just worth pointing out. Though it is a similar depth and in our car, doesn’t sit off the edge of the seat – which I like (same as the Olympia).



Brooklyn – 4 years old, approx 110cms tall

The price of the Foonf is pretty up there at $899, but with a 9 year expiration you definitely won’t need another seat.

That pretty much sums it up! If you have any specific questions, feel free to fire them my way – I’ll do my best to answer,  but if I can’t I’ll ask the experts 😉 You can find a retailer for the Clek Foonf in NZ HERE.

J x