Just another ‘average Mum’

I saw this term used today, referring to some clothing that someone claimed is  “too expensive for the average Mum”.
It got me thinking… What makes an average Mum? Am I average? Are you average? Seriously, what is this ‘average Mum’ category?

So I’m over here thinking I’m just another ‘average Mum’, but this person who commented the above – obviously thinks I’m not. Because ironically I’m wearing the garment in question, in my Facebook profile picture. So she is average, and I’m not. Right? No, wrong. 

We are on one income. My husband works to pay the bills and support us. We own a home, we have a mortgage, we pay house/contents/car/life insurances. Sounds pretty average to me – right? Yes I do some paid blog work, but I tell you – it’s far from a full time job/income, because I have children and don’t have enough time to make it one. It’s great having a little extra money – not gonna lie… and when it comes in, it is usually spent on stuff for the kids or stuff for the house that we’ve been wanting. Still sounds pretty average, yeah? 

I on-sell my kids clothes that they’ve grown out of, to build up some money to purchase new stuff for the next season. Again – I’m sure this is a done thing and pretty average. 

My husband and I don’t buy a lot of clothes for ourselves. I get gifted the odd garments, which I am always so grateful for. But other than that, I shop at places like Cotton On – average places. 

My husband, the amazing man he is… knows how much I love the Love Knot War items I’ve been gifted in the past. So for my Birthday and Christmas he bought me a few of their dresses. He put them on layby and paid them off in small amounts as he could and so that I wouldn’t notice it in our bank statements. I had no clue! Clever, clever and average. Obviously I don’t think my husband is average, I think he’s amazing and I was blown away that he put so much thought into 3 beautiful garments – but what I’m saying is that he used a layby system just like your average jo. 

My point… I’m just another ‘average Mum’. I’m just as ‘average’ as the next woman walking down the street. We’re an ‘average’ one income family just doing their best. 

Actually, that’s not my point! My point is: there is no ‘average Mum’! I’m the same as the next Mum, we’re just a normal one income family doing our best. If you can’t afford that expensive dress and it’s not a priority to layby one or save for one – that’s totally cool! But please don’t put yourself in a different category to me or anyone else, and claim that you’re therefore an ‘average Mum’. Because you’re not! You’re a Mum. Full stop. You put your children above yourself, just like the rest of us. You *heart eyes* at lots of different things you’d love to buy yourself. You fill up your online shopping cart, cancel out of it, then go and buy something that your kids need. You’re a Mum, I’m a Mum. 

J x

8 thoughts on “Just another ‘average Mum’

  1. Dee says:

    I might glad you rewrote that last paragraph. I read it last night and at first was a bit hmmm. But now the last paragraph is a bit nicer.
    Nicely written overall though and yes we are all Mums. How ever we live and raise our babies 😊
    Sadly though we are not all in the same positions as each other. We are not all lucky enough to own houses or shop at certain shops/stores nor are we lucky enough to be gifted some of the amazing items you and many other bloggers do. But you work hard at what you do and I guess if it weren’t for bloggers such as yourself then these little businesses wouldn’t get the exposure they do.
    Keep up your good work


    • withthewhittakers says:

      Yes a bit negative wasn’t it! Spur of the moment I think, I didn’t want it to be negative in general – that’s not the point I was trying to get across at all. So re-wrote this morning once I had a clear head πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Yes that’s true – but that doesn’t make other Mums less than, and me more than – right?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    I love this. It’s all down to priorities – for some it’s a treat item of clothing, for others it’s a holiday or a fancy hair cut, what we all do with our hard earned and saved money is individual and it makes no one any more or less than just a mum


  3. Tegan says:

    Well said Hun! People have a completely blurred eyed view about things or other people some times. Those beautiful garments are worth every penny, behind each are a person, a design, time & money to create something that people hopefully love and to have others say it’s too expensive can be a kick in the guts especially when posted on social media 😱


    • withthewhittakers says:

      Yes πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I felt really sad for the brand, though I’m 90% sure that the commenter didn’t actually realise it could come across that way at all. So I don’t blame her or anything. Just an eye opener I suppose!


  4. missussel says:

    You my girl are decidedly not average. You’re effing special (no I wouldn’t normal say effing, I’d rather use the real deal but I’m trying to make my point and be polite), super special! Just like every single other one of us average mums that haven’t had a hair cut in months, or are wearing underwear that’s seen better days, or who would desperately love to have a professional massage, but more than that, who love our kids so much we’d much rather we go without in order to keep them happy and healthy (and a wee bit styley some days too).
    That makes us all pretty effing special in ways I wouldn’t ever want to change


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