Mum uniform pants for every budget

Disclaimer: No you do not have to be a Mum to wear these pants, heck you can be a male and wear these pants if it floats ya boat.

I call them ‘Mum uniform’ because, well… we have those days where we 1. Don’t fit our jeans or 2. Just don’t want to wear jeans all day. But we also know we have to leave the house at some stage, so those ugly ‘never be seen by the public’ trackies aint gonna cut it! ‘Mum uniform’ pants don’t dig into the extra loving we have on our hips, or cling to the extra sagging of that mum bootay that grew 10 times the size in pregnancy. They’re perfect really. So say hello to the ‘mum uniform’ 😉 Paired with whatever top you like, jandals/chucks, mum bun and you’re ready to rock!

I’m a huge fan of these comfy harem style pants and I often get asked where my faves are from. So along with telling you where mine are from, I’ve put together a list of others in all different price ranges – I’m sure you’ll find some that are in your budget! Though I can’t comment on the quality of all of these as I don’t own a pair from every store, the ones that I DO own – I will add my thoughts on how they fit and wear 🙂

Love Knot War – Floral Fade Slouch Pants + Dawn Til Dusk Slouch Pants – $149.00. Sizes 6-16.  These are beautifully made, super comfy, have the perfect thick waist band and the elastic is sewn in so that it doesn’t twist about, nice big pockets and wash up like new. (I have the floral fade)


Madame Goblin – Madame Basic Pant + Madame Super Stripe Pant – $99. Sizes XS-L.


Bam + Boo – MumMe Duffle Pants -$69.95. Sizes S-L. These are made from a beautifully soft organic cotton, super light weight and can be worn either down to the ankle or you can pull the ankle up a bit so they’re shorter (as shown in pic).



Pagan Marie – Kombie Pant – $55. Sizes 6-16.


The Warehouse – Jersey Harem Pant – $20.00. Sizes 8-16.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.42.57 PM.png

Maybe this is the start of a new ‘Mum uniform’ series 😉

J x


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