Summer Hack – How to make it ONE WEEK without washing your hair.

Whenever I mention how long I go in between hair washes, I get inundated with shocked face emojis and questions on how I do it. So thought I would do ONE WEEK worth of photos and hair styles, showing what products and tools I use to keep my hair looking good (or ‘presentable’) over that time. I actually go more like TWO weeks between washes, however I know that is a bit extreme for most, so I thought ONE week is a bit more achievable. So I’ve condensed down what I would do across the two weeks, into one.

Before we get to the hair styles… a quick word on hydration. Hydration is not only super important for your body, but also for your hair. If your hair follicles lack water, your hair may become dry or brittle… this can slow down and even stop the growth of your hair. So it’s super important to stay hydrated! Staying hydrated helps in retaining the natural beauty of your hair and helps it grow thick and long. I’m not going to pretend I’m perfect, and drink my recommended intake of water every single day, but I do try my best! This summer I’ve been having OVI Hydration drinks most days. They’re a delicious infusion of water, fruit juice, honey and natural minerals with antioxidants from green tea, designed to keep you hydrated.

My headaches have been noticeably less and I’ve enjoyed the different flavours, encouraging me to drink.

WASH: I don’t use a lot of products in my hair. Just a good purple shampoo from my hairdresser and then cheap supermarket shampoo + conditioner. I don’t find purple shampoos to do a great job at giving my hair a really good wash (and after two weeks – it needs it!), so I purely use that for the toning factor and use the other shampoo for a real wash (before the purple shampoo). I wash my hair in the shower at night and leave to dry naturally while I sleep.


DAY 1: I always do an initial straighten, straight after washing my hair – because I don’t love my natural hair. It’s quite fluffy, curly and unruly. If I’m in a hurry I use my Hairstyla which takes all of 5 minutes. If I have extra time I use my GHD for a dead straight look. I try to remember to use heat protectant spray, because apparently you should 😉

DAY 2: No products today. We’re trying to make it to a week remember, so don’t whip out the dry shampoo yet! Give your roots a ruffle up and whip your hair up into a bun or pony tail (I’m a mum-bun gal but have done a pony to show you, or you might get sick of my mum-buns!) if you don’t want to have another down straight day. If your hair is looking/feeling a bit oily you could tease some of the roots so that it doesn’t look too slicked back when you tie it up. Pulling a few shorter strands of hair out around your face is nice too, if you like that kind of look.

DAY 3: Alright, first day of dry shampoo! My holy grail product! Give it a decent spray all over your roots and then use your fingers to massage it in (or you’ll look grey). Now, lets not waste the dry shampoo by tying our hair up… grab your straightener or curling wand and put some curls in the ends of your hair. Messy curls are “in” so don’t worry if they’re uneven, you can even give it a brush through to really loosen them up. You could use hairspray on the ends if your hair doesn’t hold curls well.

DAY 4: I know by now you probably REALLY want to wash your hair, or wear it up… but we’re going to try another day down. Even if you only last till lunch time – thats cool. Are you noticing a pattern here? Down, up, down, up… You’ll likely still have some messy curls from the day before, so give them a ruffle up and you’re good to go. You could try changing your part for a different look. No products today!

DAY 5: Alright, you can breathe a sigh of relief – it’s mum-bun from here on in! Go hard on the dry shampoo today, because none tomorrow! You can pony tail it, or bun – whatever floats ya boat.

Day 6: For me – today is mum-bun take 2, no extra dry shampoo today… ya’ll have seen those memes right? The 90% dry shampoo ones? I ALWAYS get tagged in them, and now you know why!
If you’re not a huge bun gal, you could do a pony tail on bun days – you could also change it up by putting your pony into a plait! I’ve done that here to show you an example.

Day 7: Do whatever hairstyle you like to get you through this last day! If you wash your hair in the morning – bonus! You’re done! But if you’re like me and wash in the evening, then you have one more day of mum-bun. I won’t blame you if you use a tiiiiiiny bit more dry shampoo 😉  

  • I do understand that everyone’s hair is different. What works for me may not work for you. I know plenty of people that wash their hair everyday in fact! Here’s a few tips if you’re a regular hair washer and would like to stretch it out a little:
  • If you don’t already own it, and haven’t figured out from this post so far that you NEED to own it… then this is me telling you to GO AND BUY SOME DRY SHAMPOO!
  • Try not to touch your hair too much, that brings out the natural oils in your hair faster than necessary – so keep your mitts off your head!
  • If you wash your hair everyday, start small. Start stretching it to every second, then every third. Jumping straight to once a week may make you feel like you can never leave the house 😉
  • If you’re not a huge hair down person, no big deal -tie it up! But don’t go up down up down all day long. That’s extra touching – and same as the first tip, will make your hair oilier than you want it.
  • Buy yourself a shower cap. The extra moisture from the shower gets all on your hair on non-wash days, which can make the straighten/curls not last as well. So keeping your hair bone dry is a goodie!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog! I’ve been recently researching the whole ‘no poo’ thang and I’m eager to do it – maybe that’ll be my next hair related blog post!

Thanks OVI Hydration for sponsoring this post and for keeping me hydrated this summer!

J x

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