Making family holidays a priority – With The Whittakers

After returning from our first family holiday recently, actually – make that first ever overseas holiday since Nare and I have been together… I realised that it’s something I want to do more often (read ‘more than once every 5 years!’). However – we are just your average one income family that pays a mortgage, so flitting off on an overseas holiday once a year (though sounds amazing) isn’t something we can afford to do. Yes we can save, but like lots of other families – there isn’t actually that much extra money each week, to put into savings!

I’ve been thinking about other ways that we can save some money to go towards holidays, and when I was introduced to the new Flight Centre MasterCard – I thought it was a great initiative for families like us. Now before you think ‘nooooo not a credit card Jordan!’… yes it is a credit card. And yes I feel credit cards get a bit of a bad wrap because they scream “DEBT!”. However if used in the right way I believe they can be super beneficial.

Let me explain…

For every NZ $100 you spend on your Flight Centre MasterCard – you get 1 Flight Centre Reward. When redeemed, this equates to $1 to spend on your travel. It may not seem like a lot, but it is something that you wouldn’t have had otherwise – so it actually seems silly not to do it!

I’m talking everyday purchases here… $200 of groceries = $2 towards a holiday! If you spent $200 a week on groceries, that’s a 104 Flight Centre Rewards ($104) in 1 year – and that’s just groceries! Think of all the online shopping purchases you do (well… I do), that you and I could be racking up rewards for to go towards your next family holiday. Petrol, phone bill, internet bill – the list of everyday purchases goes on (that adult life!)

I’m also not talking about getting yourself into mountain loads of debt, I’m more meaning using the Flight Centre MasterCard for everyday purchases – which you pay off regularly. Whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The Whittakers are going to be giving this a go and seeing if we can gather up some rewards to spend on our next family holiday… where to next?

J x

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