Keeping warm with Woolbabe


We’ve been Woolbabe users since Brooklyn (now 4) was a baby. A friend gifted us a 3 Seasons Woolbabe sleeping bag and then I went on to purchase a Duvet Weight one as I loved them so much. Not having to worry about them staying under the blankets was obviously a big one, Brooklyn didn’t start doing that regularly until around 2 1/2 years old – so knowing he would be kept warm all night was a great relief for me. Also the fact that they’re merino – the best fabric for keeping your babes warm and it’s not going to make them sweaty like a synthetic fabric would.

We have since been gifted another two Woolbabe sleeping bags for Marlo, and in return I’m doing this post to tell you my thoughts on them. I chose the colour ‘Pebble’ because it’s gender neutral, and ya never know… there may be another Whittaker babe one day, so I’m thinking practically 😛 I chose a front zip Duvet Weight sleeping bag, and a side zip 3 Seasons. As we had only owned front zip ones before, I wanted to try the side zip for comparison purposes. Marlo is 20 months, however is wearing size 2 clothing, so based on Woolbabe sizing recommendations I went for the size 2-4 years so that we can get the most use out of them. They recommend that before buying the size 2-4 year bags, the child is wearing size 2 clothing and/or weighs over 12kg. 


3 Seasons weight is suitable for 18-20 degrees & up to 30 degrees. We are in the South Island and currently use the 3 Seasons for day naps where is keeps her nice and snuggly on cooler days, but not overheating either on warmer days. It is a light weight feeling merino/cotton blend that is super easy for them to wriggle around in, to get comfy and doze off. I actually love the side zip, I find it easiest to zip up and down (over the front zip). Marlo stands up in her cot when she wakes up and we have had no problems with the domes popping, which I am glad about as I had read mixed reviews on the shoulder domes popping open. The 3 Seasons weight is a great overall weight for people that only want one sleeping bag.


Duvet weight is suitable for 18-20 degrees & under, down to approx 12 degrees. We currently use this overnight for Marlo, but more into winter this will be her full time sleeping bag for all sleeps. We will also have a wall panel heater on in her bedroom as it can get into the minus’ overnight here, brrrrr! The Duvet weight is super cosy looking, it literally looks like a duvet! It’s quilted with organic cotton lining and a plush filling of 100% merino, super snuggly – they need to do adult versions! The pro of the front zip on this one (though it comes in side zip too!) is that it doesn’t have shoulder domes, so one less thing for your babe to muck around with, if they’re the kind of kid that likes stripping off at bedtime! 

I like that the Woolbabe sleeping bags are super easy to care for – they don’t need washing all that often, just air them out by hanging over the side of the cot in between uses. If need be I even tumble dry ours on a low setting, but that’s a positive of having more than one – you don’t need to rush with washing!

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Thanks Woolbabe for keeping my baby girl snuggly and warm in bed!

J x