Meet Pam the Penguin

Pam is without a doubt the cutest looking sleep-trainer I have ever seen! We were gifted her by Sleepytot to try out, and I was going to save her for Marlo but Brooklyn spotted her so I gave in and let him have it the last few nights.

Pam is a sleep-trainer nightlight (not clock) and I thought I would tell you a few features about her…

When placed on her charging base, Pam can be an all night night-light – or she can be used unplugged however the light will shut off after 30 mins. In the morning, when there is 30 minutes to go until ‘wake up time’, Pam will turn orange – showing your little one that it’s almost time to get up! When it is ‘wake up time’, Pam will turn green!

I’ve been doing a bit of reading about what coloured lights help increase your body’s naturally produced melatonin (sleep hormone). The general consensus is that RED is the only colour of light that doesn’t inhibit your child’s melatonin. Blue and white based lights being the worst! Ironically the colour of a very commonly used sleep training clock (which we have had for 2 years now!) – the Gro Clock, is BLUE! Nothing against the Gro Clock, just something to think about!
ANYWAY the point of me talking about different coloured lights, is that I love how you can choose a colour on Pam. You can choose from blue, red, white, pink and multicolour (or off) – I would go for red or pink personally after my recent readings.

Pam is also a wireless speaker – fab for users of white noise or if your child likes to fall asleep listening to music. You could even play a Spotify playlist if you wanted to! I haven’t tested this feature yet, I’m not sure I want to add yet another thing to Brooklyn’s OCD night time routine haha!

You can buy, read a bit more, and see the different colours Pam is available in HERE.

J x

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