7 days of toddler lunches at the Whittakers

We love trying to create different and interesting meals for Brooklyn for lunch, but most of all – lunches that are easy, balanced and quick to prepare… and that he will actually eat!

I’ve documented what 7 days of lunches at our house looks like, to share with you some different ideas. I’m keeping it real here – I won’t pretend he never has chicken nuggets when I can’t be bothered making anything else. These are by no means complex lunches, but I hope they help give you some ideas and/or inspiration for things you can offer your toddler at lunch time.








Thank you to Karicare Toddler for sponsoring this post – Sourced from Kiwi cows on Kiwi farms. I love that! Made in New Zealand at its finest!

Our Replay Recycled plates and cutlery are from And They Lived Green, and Brooklyn’s Goodbyn Hero lunchbox is from And They Lived Green also.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful! I’d love to hear any easy ideas you have for toddler lunches, let me know on Facebook or Instagram!

J x

#madeinnz #nzmumlife

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