Marlo’s 2nd Birthday – Hawaiian Luau Party

Today our baby girl turned 2! We (I) decided to do a “low key” party this year AKA only invite our closest friends, but still go hard out on the decor… Because I love decorating parties, so why not?! Marlo is still too young to pick a theme, and I was super uninspired until I saw a theme on the Pop Roc Parties website titled “Hawaiian Luau”. Done. Sold. This is happening. My parents have come to stay so I wanted to have the party on Marlo’s actual birthday, a week day – which made it even more low key! I chose to go with a time of 10.30am, pre-nap time and meaning we only had to provide morning tea, not a full on spread… see! I’m great at this low key business šŸ˜‰

I jumped straight on Pop Roc PartiesĀ (our go to) and made a list of supplies, and then jumped on Ali Express for some outfits for everyone. I ordered a grass skirt for each of the kids, and adults… and a lei each too. I thought these could double as party favours… but the parents conveniently left them here – good one you guys šŸ˜‰ We had the skirts and lei set up at a wee dress up station, so everyone could help themselves. Everyone looked super cute!!

We had the usual drinks and cake table set up, with some ALOHA balloons above it and some faux leaves. I’m no cake decorator – I’ve let go of the idea of ‘perfect’, and am very thankful that the rustic ‘semi naked’ iced cakes are “in” haha! I baked this recipe and between each layer I put this delicious cherry fruit compote. YUM!!!! I used the same recipe for cupcakes too, and iced both the cake and cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. It was delicious! My go-to cake decor for both kids are their amazing personalised wooden cake toppers from Love From Seventeen – if you make it to the end of this post there is a discount code for these too!! Woohoo! I also added a few tree toppers (from Pop Roc). The drink was cranberry juice and lemonade.


For the kids – I wanted to set up somewhere where they could actually sit! Usually we have a food table set up and it results in kids wandering around dropping food everywhere. Not ideal. So this time I used the pallets from Vanessa’s baby shower set up, and made a mini set up for the kids. I decided to do their own individual wee boxes of food for morning tea, to again eliminate walking backwards and forwards from a food table. It worked really well and I think the kids loved it!


For the adults – on our dining table I set up a mini grazing platter which we could pick away at without little fingers. Who am I kidding, the kids finished their food and wanted some of ours haha. But mostly – it was the adults food!


I’m super happy with how it all came together! I always doubt myself last minute, wondering if it will turn out how I envision. But Erana reminds me it always works out – and she’s always right, it does! Another party done and dusted! Next up – Brooklyn’s 5th!

Happy 2nd Birthday Marlo Kobe May, you are the sweetest addition to our family. So much sass, but so much sweetness. We love you!

Thank you Julie from Pop Roc Parties for supplying us with all of the amazing party supplies for this! And for the Love From Seventeen discount code: use WTW15 for 15% off plain wood original sized toppers (like Marlo’s). Code is valid until Sunday midnight unless sold out prior.

A few other pics…






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