Review + Discount Code: Storksak Cabin Carry-On bag


I was recently gifted this beautiful cabin sized carry on bag from Storksak, and I put it to the test when I went to Auckland a few weeks ago with Erana. It is the perfect bag for a weekend away, or even as a hospital bag! I chose the grey, but it’s totally unisex – a guy could have the grey too! I couldn’t help but buy Nare the matching one in black for Fathers Day, not that we ever go away together but I envision us twinning one day at the airport 😉


It doesn’t get much more stylish than a bag with tan leather trims. Seriously, all the heart eyes! Both the grey and the black have the tan features – swoon! On the outside of the bag you will find a tan leather luggage tag, which is right next to an external passport pocket. A two way zip along the top and you can have the bag buttoned down, or expanded for extra room if you need it! Buttoned down, it was the perfect size for my small plane Blenheim to Auckland and it slid easily under the seat in front of me. I meant to try it in the overhead locker on the flight home, but there were people behind me and I got nervous haha! A flight attendant did say she thought it would fit fine, but I found it easier to slide it under! On a bigger plane than a small domestic, I’m very confident it would fit in the overheads.


The wheels and extendable handle is obviously another awesome feature, however my favourite feature of all is the fold-away hanging organiser + packing block insert. The idea of this is that you can pack all of your belongings into the organiser, and then when you arrive at your destination you can pull the whole insert out and hang it up – rather than living out of the bag! It’s so cool and made it quite fun to pack my bag for the weekend! You can see a photo of the insert here.

You can totally use it without the insert if you prefer, the internal fabric is a nice striped fabric and is wipeable so easy to keep clean! It’s got a zip pocket on the inside and also a couple of elasticated pockets. It also comes with a wee mesh bag which would make a perfect toiletries bag!


I loved travelling with mine and it was the perfect size for the three nights that I was away in Auckland. A few outfits, PJs, sandals, make-up and toiletry bags, diary, hair straightener all fit in there easily!

How would you like to own one just like mine? I have another beautiful grey cabin bag here for one lucky winner! All you have to do is pop over to Facebook to enter.

** DISCOUNT CODE ** If you’re impatient (like me) and want one NOW, lucky you – I have a 15% off discount code! Enter code WTW15 at Storksak to receive 15% off anything! Yay! This code is valid until October 23rd. 

Thank you Storksak for giving me the opportunity to review this beauty of a bag! I’m obsessed! And thank you to my sister wife Erana for taking these amazing photos for me! We make a good team, don’t ya think?

You can find Storksak on Instagram and Facebook too.

J x



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