Introducing: Spindel

If you follow me on Snapchat (thewhittakers) then you’ll have seen this pop up on occasion the past few weeks, I’ve talked about it a few times but promised a blog – so here it is!


Introducing… the Spindel! In short, the Spindel is the domestic gadget that I didn’t think I needed – but now wouldn’t want to live without! I’d seen them before on social media and thought they looked cool, but had never seen one properly in action. When I received an email from the NZ distributor asking if I would be interested in reviewing one – I did some you-tubeing,  saw it properly and got myself super excited to have my very own Spindel!

A Spindel is a specialised laundry dryer. Not a traditional dryer however, it will not completely dry your clothes. However the Spindel uses a spinning power (rather than heat) of 2800 rpm to spin out excess water from your load of washing, which in turn makes the drying process – whether that be on the line, or in the dryer – happen at a fraction of the time. So basically, you wash your clothes as per normal, then you run them through the Spindel. It’s only a short cycle of 3 minutes (not timed so you need to keep an eye on this yourself), then you go and hang your clothes on the line or pop them in the dryer!


I’ve been getting around 1.5 litres of water out of a full load of washing, AFTER the machine has spun it out! Insane! If I’m doing a big load of washing I will split it into half and run 2 cycles through the Spindel.


My thoughts?

Time saving: It definitely makes my clothes dry faster after using it! I noticed straight away how much dryer they felt coming out of the Spindel, than when they come straight out of the washing machine – huge difference!

Fabric feel: I’ve noticed a difference in how the clothes feel after coming off the line, after using the Spindel. I love the feel of clothes out of the dryer, they feel much softer. But I use the line most of the time to save power. Having less water in them definitely makes for softer feeling clothes once they’ve completely dried!

Delicates: I don’t put merino in the dryer, or obviously fabrics that say ‘do not tumble dry’… but in winter it’s so hard to get them dry sometimes! Thankfully you can put any fabrics in the Spindel! Even delicates that say ‘hand wash only’!! Woohoo!

Size: It isn’t huge! It’s actually smaller than I assumed it would be! Size specs say 640mm high and 385mm wide. Perfect for people like us that only have a small laundry (as in, we can’t fit our dryer inside!).


These are new to New Zealand and you can read about them more HERE, where you can also purchase for $299. I’m loving mine and I know a few people that have bought them since mine arrived, and they’re loving theirs too!

J x

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