My Summer Mama Must-haves!

I thought I would put together a wee blog about the things I’ve been loving this summer!

  1. Sunglasses! I mean – who doesn’t love new sunglasses right? I got to pick out some sunglasses by the brand LMNT at the beginning of summer, and I absolutely thrash them! I constantly get compliments on the two pairs I have and asked where they’re from. This brand in particular is super affordable too – bonus! If you head over to IG I’m actually giving away a pair of these!

    Photo 30-12-17, 11 10 18 AM.jpg

  2. A hat! I’ve never been a hat gal, until this summer and I’m in love! Not only have I gone all of summer so far without burning my nose/face – but it looks so effortlessly glam (well I think so anyway!) This one I’m wearing is from Glassons.DSC_0116 2
    Photo 3-12-17, 7 30 32 PM.jpg
  3. Nice swimwear. Not just any swimwear. Swimwear that makes you feel beautiful, and swimwear that fits right in all the right places. This set from Lilly & Lime has been on repeat all summer for me. It fits perfectly and doesn’t slip around – which any of the Mums out there will know thats important because… kids.Photo 29-10-17, 2 54 27 PM.jpg
  4. New lingerie. Summer is the perfect time to buy yourself a few new pieces and throw out some oldies! I recommend going lingerie shopping BEFORE you devour too many treats at Christmas time though. haha! My current faves are by Rose + Thorne – super affordable, comfy and beautiful. This set in particular is semi high-waisted and I thought I would find it weird, but I actually really like the bottoms! Especially under dresses! Again – super affordable!DSC_0382
  5. Skincare. Summer is such a drying time for your poor skin, so you need to look after it! I was lucky enough to be given Farmers vouchers from my brother and my grandparents for Christmas/Birthday so I went and treated myself (for once!) to some new skincare. I went with the brand Goodness after a recommendation from a friend. And I’m really impressed! My skin has never looked and felt so smooth and hydrated! I’ve been foundation-less for almost 3 months now and feel so happy in my own skin. If you’re interested in trying Goodness, they have a cute wee travel pack which is perfect for trialling the products before you buy full size.


  6. Sandals. Okay so I have a little Lulu Avarcas addiction, but can you blame me?! Past summers I’ve been known to live in jandals, and boy do my poor heels feel it! They get horribly cracked and sore. But alternating between jandals and my lovely leather Lulu’s means my feet get a break. And they’re so comfy it’s basically like wearing jandals anyway!


  7. A kimono. Another addiction of mine! Perfect for throwing on over any outfit or even over your togs at the beach! They’re such a special statement piece and a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. My faves are from Love Knot War.


That’s a wrap! I hope you liked this wee collection of my favourite summer Mama things!

J x



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