An effort to reduce our soft plastic usage

A collaboration with ecostore…

I’m always looking for ways to be more eco-conscious around the house and I often talk about ways we do this, on my social media.  We’re by no means perfect, but we try to do our bit! Up until recently, I had absolutely no idea you could recycle soft plastics! Thinking back, I had seen the bin at our local supermarket… but never actually read what it was for – oops! House recycling is great, but as you know – they don’t collect soft plastics. This is something you will have to take yourself, into your local drop off point (you can find that HERE) as you need. I’m thinking it would hugely reduce our landfill waste too, right? Which we pay to dispose of – so surely this is a positive!

So my plan is: along with our normal rubbish bin, and our recycling bin… we have a spot for our soft plastics ‘rubbish’ to go (somewhere close to the others). We fill it up and each weekend, we make a trip to our drop off point and dispose of it there. It can be a family affair so the kids learn all about it too!

While soft plastics recycling is great, I think it’s also important to not only recycle but REDUCE. And in order to do that, we will likely need some REUSE items. I’ve partnered with ecostore to bring you a few tips that we use at our house to reduce the use of things like glad wrap and plastic ziplock bags…

  1. Beeswax wraps.
    These are quite the rage at the moment, and I’m seeing more and more people using them – which I think is awesome! We’ve only been using them since the beginning of this year, but I’m definitely a fan! In short – they’re fabric which is soaked/covered in beeswax (and other ingredients) which turns the fabric into a cool plyable alternative to glad wrap! We use it to wrap our cheese, to wrap small things in Brooklyn’s lunch box, basically anything other than meat can be wrapped in these. No meat because they can only be washed with cold water, so slight risk of contamination with meats. There’s many different brands, sizes, fabrics… so just give it a google and find some that you like the look of!

  1. Silicone food wraps.
    We have had these for a couple of years now and find them great for covering ceramic/glass bowls and jars. Anything of that nature, instead of reaching for plastic wrap. Perfect for covering leftovers! They’re dishwasher safe, though super easy to give a quick rinse/wipe anyway.

  2. Compartment lunch boxes.
    Yes, these are all the rage these days and no you do not NEED one. But I truly do believe that having a lunchbox for your child that has different compartments and bonus if it comes with containers, IS going to help reduce your soft plastics usage! Having separate compartments means that you can ditch the glad wrap and just take advantage of the different areas to put food in. We have used Goodbyn Hero’s, Yumboxes, and currently use a Planet Box Rover… this isn’t a lunchbox review so I won’t be going into detail, but all 3 are great options.

  3. Reusable food pouches.
    These take the place of ziplock bags and we use them daily for the kids! They’re reusable, dishwasher (or washing machine) safe, come in fun designs… and super easy for kids to use as they have a zip! We love them!

I made a decision to stop buying glad wrap all together last grocery shop – after we survived 2 weeks without it. It’s funny how without it, you just make do – and it makes you realise you don’t need it after all!

Thank you ecostore for partnering with me on this blog post, I hope everyone has got something out of it – even if it’s just made you think about your soft plastics usage!

J x

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