3 ingredient super yummy iceblocks

We make these a lot and I often get asked on Snapchat for the recipe, but I feel like it’s not even a recipe… it’s literally only 3 ingredients! But seeing as my kids love them, and they’re healthy… it is worth sharing 🙌🏼


  • 1 can of coconut cream
  • 1 large banana
  • Fresh berries (of any kind)


  • Blitz together coconut cream and banana using a blender/bullet.
  • Add a few fresh berries to the bottom of each ice block mould.
  • Pour coconut + banana mixture over the top.
  • Freeze.
  • Enjoy.

That is literally it! So perfect for hot days, or not hot days where you just want some toddler silence for 10 mins 😉 We used fresh raspberries in these ones, but they’re delish with kiwifruit, blue berries, heck – anything! You could even do a mixture!

Moulds above are from The Warehouse – pack of 6 for $8 👌🏼

J x

Recipe – Pizza Scrolls

My friend Amy from Thomas Pie shared this recipe, when we were talking about lunch box prep and things that freeze well. I’ve made it lots of times since then, and it’s always a hit! You don’t have to make them ‘pizza’ flavoured, you can do anything! Marmite and cheese, chutney and cheese, salami and cheese… you get the gist… anything and cheese will be delicious 😉

Dough ingredients
3 cups of plain flour
80 grams cold cubed butter
1-1/4 cups of cold water

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees celsius.

Sift flour into a bowl, then rub in the cold cubed butter until it resembles breadcrumbs. Alternatively – if you have a food processor, you can do this step in there. Mix in your water until it resembles a dough, don’t over mix or they will be tough!

Tip out your dough onto a well floured bench and flatten into a rectangle. Try to keep it about 3cms thick. Top with your choice of toppings, leaving about 1/3 of the dough clear of toppings.

Roll up starting with the edge that the toppings are on. Cut into about 4cm widths and transfer to a lined baking tray, you can give them a little re-shape if they get a bit squashed while you’re cutting them.

Brush with milk and bake for 12-15mins until golden brown.

Thanks Amy for letting me share this!

J x

Recipes: Egg Free Corn + Vege Fritters

Once upon a time, I didn’t cook. I moved straight out of home and went boarding with a lovely family, while I studied. My amazing stand-in-Mama cooked for me, and I had lots of noodles for lunches hehe. I then moved home for a few months, where my Mum cooked. I then moved in with my boyfriend (now husband). He’d been flatting for years, so was used to fending for himself. He did most of the cooking, mostly because he was good at it! And I had no idea what I was doing. Slowly I started helping and doing a couple of meals a week…

Fast forward to now and I cook every night, and I love it! Especially since becoming a stay at home Mum… being in the kitchen, alone, is my time. The husband gets home, he’s on kid duty and I get to go and cook dinner. Works well!

Now to the fritter talk… I used to love the idea of corn fritters, my friend Amanda used to make them for our toddlers when they were just starting on finger foods. Her fritters always looked so yummy and crispy on the edges. Whenever I would try them at home, they were big fat FAILs. I would get all huffy after the first batch came out of the pan and throw the whole mixture out. Then I’d whinge to the husband and tell him that I’m never trying fritters again. A month or so later, I’d go to Amanda’s house, come home and try them… repeat of the above. Another few months… repeat. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

One day I had a fritter epiphany! And I’ve been slightly obsessed ever since. I often get asked for my fritter recipes after I Instagram or Snapchat them (like once a week haha) so thought I would share my successful egg-free fritter recipes:


1 can of creamed corn
1 cup plain flour
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp water/milk
whatever else you want to add (ham, bacon, grated veges, etc)

Fry in your choice of oil.

1/2 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of milk
1 carrot – grated
1 medium kumara – grated
You can add whatever grated veges you like, zucchini is a popular one.

Fry in your choice of oil.

Hope you enjoy!

J x