Thoughts on the Clek Foonf convertable carseat

The New Zealand distributor for Clek approached us a few months back to see if we would like to give a Clek Foonf carseat a go and write a review on it, I’d seen these carseats before (they’re quite memorable being so darn pretty!) and I loved the idea of having another slimline carseat rather than the ‘space ship’ we called Marlo’s carseat. So obviously we took her up on the offer! We’ve been using the seat rear facing for Marlo, since it arrived, and now that we’ve given it a good trial – I thought it was about time I gave you our thoughts…

** disclaimer: I am not a carseat technician, nor do I have lots of knowledge in the carseat world. These are purely my thoughts based on our use of the seat in comparison to the other two types of carseats we have owned. I am aware that the chest clip is not in the ideal place on Brooklyn in the photos – however he is only in the garage so don’t fret/judge me 😉  **


Marlo – 15 months old

A little bit about the seat first… Clek call the Foonf ‘The mother of all car seats’. It is literally the only car seat your child will need. The Foonf has the most advanced safety technology, meaning that a 3 yr old ff has similar forces in a crash as if they were rear facing (which was an industry first). It is designed to rear face up until four years old, is super slim line (you can fit 3 across!) and comes in a beautiful range of colours. It uses REACT (rigid latch energy absorbing crumple technology) which absorbs the crash forces instead of your child. You can click HERE to see/read more about it and in depth specifications and what not. 

My favourite features:

The rear facing angle adjuster. We’ve always had to use rolled up towels to get a correct install of our previous carseat when rear-facing. So to have this part (which comes with the seat) which easily clips on and gives the seat the perfect rear facing angle – is awesome! It does make the seat quite high, but it’s not an issue.


The anti-rebound bar. ‘When in rear facing mode (it isn’t used in forward facing mode), this provides extra stability of the seat, limiting rotation of the seat.’ It’s so easy to get a snug install with the rebound bar holding it still, and of course it would be extra protection in the case of a collision.


Slimline. This carseat is super narrow which I love, its the same width as the Diono RXT – so yes! You can fit 3 across! It is 43.2cms at it’s widest. Marlo previously had an Evenflo Symphony (the ‘spaceship’) which basically made the middle seat in the back unusable… so it’s nice to be able to use it again – even if it can only fit skinny bums 😉 You can see it’s slighly slimmer than our Diono Olympia (Brooklyn’s seat) as it goes straight up rather than slanting out slightly like the top of the Olympia does. We have a Mitubishi Outlander, for reference.


Isofix. Having a car that enables the use of ISOFIX, I would never own a carseat that doesn’t have it. SO easy to get a snug installation without taking it to a tech and not a total pain in the butt if you need to take it in and out.

The look. Okay it’s pretty obvious that this seat is no doubt the most beautiful of all carseats, I mean heeelllloooo you only have to look at it to realise that! I especially love this colour (cloud) with the white back. but there are loads of other funky colour ways too! Also note the wipable fabric, which I have tried (think cherry picking masacre) – and it wipes clean so easily!


A few people asked to see some photos of Brooklyn in the seat – so here they are. Headrest is obviously moved up for him and it isn’t reclined. This also shows the seat sitting in the car in a forward facing position. You can see it sits quite a lot higher than our other seat, not a negative or positive – just worth pointing out. Though it is a similar depth and in our car, doesn’t sit off the edge of the seat – which I like (same as the Olympia).



Brooklyn – 4 years old, approx 110cms tall

The price of the Foonf is pretty up there at $899, but with a 9 year expiration you definitely won’t need another seat.

That pretty much sums it up! If you have any specific questions, feel free to fire them my way – I’ll do my best to answer,  but if I can’t I’ll ask the experts 😉 You can find a retailer for the Clek Foonf in NZ HERE.

J x



We were lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful wood watch recently by JORD. And by ‘we’, I actually mean ‘the husband’. I was a nice wifey and chose a mens one, as I’m not a huge watch wearer myself and they’re so amazing looking – I didn’t want to waste one on myself. Nare however, wears a watch loads so I knew it would be better used on his wrist.



These watches are nothing like I’ve seen before! Beautifully crafted, beautifully packaged, and just stunning to look at! We chose a watch from the ‘Frankie’ series, in the colour ‘Koa & Ash’ – a medium coloured wood with a grey face and dark charcoal features. I thought this would look awesome against Nare’s tanned arms (I was right, see below)… though I’m sure it looks amazing on non-tanned arms too 😉


These watches are surprisingly light, that’s the first thing Nare pointed out – how comfy and light it was. He’s been wearing it for around a month now, and though he’s been saving it for ‘good’ (weekend wear, etc) – it seems to be wearing really well. No scratches to the face and no knocks to the wood as yet. He has been getting loads of compliments from all of his friends and they’ve been hinting to their other halves for Christmas present ideas 😉



Pretty packaging is my thing. And Jord did not disappoint! Seriously – look at the box it came in!! Actually amazing, I was so impressed – as was Nare. And because he doesn’t wear it to work, he pops it away in it’s box which sits on his dressing table. And I don’t even care, because look at it! All the heart eyes! The box has a wee hidden drawer at the bottom which holds the extra links for the watch – as it comes perfectly sized when you give them your wrist measurements.


Agree with me that this is the most amazing watch you’ve ever seen? Want to get one for the man in your life? Or one for yourself? They have a beautiful womans range too – you can check it out HERE.

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J x

Introducing the New Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

You saw the new kid on the block, she took over all the Facebook groups… the price, the size, the ease… it took the breastfeeding world by storm and you all loved it. So what if I told you it was even BETTER? BIGGER and BETTER! The brand spanking new and improved Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump has literally JUST hit the virtual shelves, and boy is she a goodie! Retailing for $29.90 – that’s only $2 more than the Original (which is still available also).


I’ve talked about how awesome the original Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is HERE, where you can read about my first impressions all those months ago, exactly how it works and what not (I’ll add instructions below too). Given my supply has settled since then, I don’t express a whole lot. But there’s no way I was getting rid of that little beauty, I’m off on a girls weekend end of this month and my boobs will be in shock, so I will 100% be packing her or her new sister in my bag!

Let me tell you the cool new features of the new sister…

IMG_0897 copy.jpg

1. It’s BIGGER! The New Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump holds at least 150mls, probably more like 180-200mls – 150mls is  just where the measurements on the side stop. Cool hey? Obviously that means the whole product is larger too, so less compact than the original.

IMG_0895 copy.jpg

2. New designs. Haakaa’s logo is on the side so you know you’re getting the real deal, and it’s got washing instructions/icons so when you can’t remember because of foggy baby brain – you can see very clearly that you can safely chuck em in your dishwasher. Woohoo!

IMG_0901 copy.jpg

3. It suctions to a surface! Multiple times I had expressed around 100mls, put the pump down, put Marlo into bed and knocked the thing over. Crying over spilt milk, yes – it’s okay when it’s breast milk… I swear. Anyway, now this isn’t going to be a problem because it has a suction cup on the bottom so you can stick it down on a flat surface while you fluff around with the baby. BEST feature in my opinion! The above photo is showing the breast pump FULL with milk, suctioned onto the tiles above my oven… Yes! A 90 degree angle full of milk! Which brings me to the last newbie…

IMG_0900 copy.jpg

4. The stoppers. Haakaa now also sells these cute little silicone stoppers that you can pop in the top of it. Again – to help with the spillage situation. The flower (pictured in mine) is $11.50 and they’ll have a little strawberry soon too.

I had no idea what item would be arriving for me to review from Haakaa, so I was super excited when I opened the box and saw the new and improved breast pump. The original will still be my take out pump if I ever need to, as it’s more compact… but the larger one will definitely be my new fave at home – that suction has me sold!

If you wanted to know how they work, but can’t be bothered reading my old blog about it (fair enough haha), here are instructions off Haakaa’s website:

1. Sterilise your pump (caps are available online to purchase – caps keep the pump sterile after cleaning)
2. Place top of pump over your nipple – make sure your nipple is in the neck of the pump and comfortable.
3. Apply suction – you may need to adjust a couple of times. Once the pump is secure and comfortable you can squeeze the base of the pump (not interfering with the top/suction) to create some movement.
4. A warm flannel on top of your breast is also a great tip and gently massage the top of your breast.
5. Once milk begins to flow simply leave the pump alone to do its thing.
6. Once the pump becomes full empty into a glass storage bottle and reposition.

Also attach in the same way while your child is feeding on your other breast and collect all let down and milk which would other wise be lost into a breast pad.
Waking up in the middle of the night or if engorged during the day also attach your pump for relief.

The new breast pump is available for pre-order HERE.

Any questions, fire away and I’ll try to answer them. I bet you’ll love the new pump design as much as I do!

J x